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In addition to such cool things as opposable thumbs and the gift and speech, one of the areas in which we humans are clearly superior to other animals is our development of a sophisticated pooping culture. Not only have we reached an almost species-wide agreement that just leaving our feces lying around is not cool (with the exception of a few exasperatingly inconsiderate holdouts), we’ve also put our scientific know-how to use in developing systems to carry our feces away from our homes.

Now, though, it seems that mankind has a challenger to, and for, the throne, in the form of two cats in Japan that seem to be well on their way to mastering the toilet.

By the way, did you already have a nice, nutritious breakfast? If not, be advised that cats will be dropping deuces after the jump!

Most homes in Japan don’t have particularly spacious gardens, and if you’re keeping a pet indoors, one of the first orders of business is to make sure it knows where it can do its business. But as this video shows, Twitter user Mahimahi 7477 isn’t content with just house-training his pet kitty Tora, he’s potty training him.

Tora’s acquisition of bathroom skills is progressing in a somewhat uneven manner, though. For starters, he doesn’t seem to be 100-percent clear on what the toilet is actually designed for.

▼ Tora, we don’t usually stick our heads in there unless we’ve downed the better part of a bottle of bourbon first.

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But eventually, he seems to remember something about hovering over the bowl and clenching his stomach muscles, and before long, he makes his deposit.

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Tora saunters back over to his owner, looking just a little sheepish (we would be too if we had someone following us into the bathroom with a camera). But even though the kitty looks like he’d like some privacy, it’s a good thing Mahimahi 7477 is there to remind Tora of one important step he forgot about.

▼ This cat now has better manners than a lot of humans who frequent cheap bars.

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But while Tora still seems to be getting the hang of the finer points of human-style pooping, Jun Yamada’s cat Bik is a veritable master in the way of the loo. After a quick inspection of the seat, and reorienting himself a single time for maximum comfort, he poops like a champion.

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Unfortunately, Bic fails to stick the landing on his performance, as his owner has to come over and flush the toilet for him. Still, if he and Tora ever teamed up, they’d be a bathroom force to be reckoned with.

Source: Byokan Sunday
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