Remember that jet-black hot dog Tokyo Disney Sea announced for Halloween this year? Well, we’ve unearthed some pictures of the actual product, and boy, are they nasty.

What’s more, the Black Sausage has been joined by another, even more distressing item – the Black Gyoza Dog, a hot snack so hellish-looking we can’t believe it made it past the product testing phase. It looked pretty weird in Disney’s promotional shots (above), but it looks even more disturbing in real life!

Join us after the jump for a closer look at the reality of this year’s Halloween Disney food. It’s even more shudder-inducing than we expected!

As we’ve seen before, both McDonald’s and Burger King take Halloween as an excuse to release jet-black burgers in Japan. Disney Sea, however, has stepped out of the burger bubble by bringing us this oddball Black Sausage. And yep, it looks every bit as gross in real life!

That’s not squid ink providing the colour, by the way – it’s bamboo charcoal. Obviously.

▼ “Black sausage. Lollll”


It’s this next item that’s the real shocker though. Ladies and gentlemen, taking the world of unfortunately-shaped foodstuffs to a whole new level, it’s the Black Gyoza Dog!

“A photo from Disney Sea! This is the limited edition Gyoza Dog…b-b-but…this … “ tweets the user who posted our first picture, below, before trailing off at a loss for words.

▼ Dude, you really should get that looked at.


▼ Isn’t there something about this kind of behaviour in the Disneyland rules and regulations?

If you like your creepy black food a little more family-friendly, how about a limited-edition black Mickey pizza?

Arguably, they should actually be this colour all year round, seeing as Mickey’s ears are black.

Ceci nest pas une Hidden Mickey.

Should you be crazy enough to want to try any of these, they’re available at Tokyo Disney Sea until (you guessed it) October 31. Just make sure you don’t send a picture of that gyoza dog to your mother by mistake. It might take a bit of explaining…

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Tokyo Disney