Menswear Dog

Bodhi is a five-year-old Shiba who lives in New York City. He’s also a talented model and one of the best-dressed dogs on the planet, so it’s no wonder he’s already racked up 150,000 followers on Instagram.

Owners Yena Kim, a former designer at Ralph Lauren, and her boyfriend David Fung started dressing Bodhi up for fun last year, posting the pictures to Facebook as a joke. Now Menswear Dog is so doggone lucrative, they’ve both been able to quit their full-time jobs to work with him.

Bodhi – named for Patrick Swayze’s character in Point Break – now nets them up to $15,000 a month through sponsorship deals and guest appearances.

▼ Here he is modelling for Victorinox.

Kim and Fung bought Bodhi five years ago when they were both “broke designers” living in Harlem, they told Fast Company. Last April, they were both able to quit their full-time jobs, with Menswear Dog bringing in between $15,000 in “a good month” – and $10,000 in a bad one.

▼ The young professional.

▼ Luckily, Bodhi and owner David Fung have the same neck size.

▼ He might be even cuter than our other favourite Shiba Inu!

▼ Bodhi’s style’s a little different though.

▼ That neckline! That gaze! Those doggy chews!

▼ Keeping it casual with another well-dressed friend.

▼ Yep. This is definitely the world’s coolest dog.

▼ Don’t know about you, but we just died of jealousy a little bit. You’ll have to excuse us while we have a little lie down.

Such dapper. Many menswear. Such cute. Menswear Dog Instagram. Source: Fast Company.