With the aggressive pick-up tactics of Julien “the most hated man in the world” Blanc all over the news this week, it only makes sense that we here at RocketNews24 do our part in educating readers about self-defense. And being as this is Japan, we thought we should start with a method for dealing with that particularly Japanese act of violence-infused wooing: the kabe-don.

If you are encountering this term for the first time, a kabe-don means pinning someone up against a wall so that they cannot escape, a common pose in manga when a, typically male, character wants to converse intimately with the object of his affection. The term comes from the word for wall (kabe) and the sound made when you hit a hard object (don).

For some reason, this particular pose fires up the Japanese imagination, so much so that there’s even a cafe you can visit to experience a romantic kabe-don for yourself.

But what if you are on the receiving end of an unwanted kabe-don? What’s the best way to fend off your domineering opponent? We’ve covered a few options before, from a quick upper cut to a jab to the solar plexus. These moves largely assume the kabe-don-ee is shorter in stature than the kabe-don-er.

This week, we’ve discovered a move that bypasses the height element and also adds an element of slapstick, comeuppance humor to the equation.


So if you are pushed against a wall and your opponent has a firm grip on you, just take the weight off your feet and slide down the wall, causing the kabe-don-er to whack his noggin against it. Then for good measure, punch him in the nuts and make your escape.

Et voila! Unwanted sexual aggression gets its just reward.

Be safe out there, Rocketeers!

Source/images: Kinisoku
Top image: Togech