Rumored to be the new wave to take over the long-running multimedia kid’s series Pokémon, Youkai Watch and its various colorful characters can be seen all over the streets in Japan. Just as how Pokémon posters and merchandise used to be visible almost everywhere, the streets and shelves are now occupied by Jibanyan and his fellow youkai counterparts from the hit series Youkai Watch.

Pokémon has yet to back out from the race though, as loyal fans who loved the series since they were kids continue to shower their love (and money) on Pikachu and his hundreds of mystical friends. What are fans to do? Cling on to the old, or embrace the new? Check out the ingenious solution Twitter user @umeko_kj8 came up with after the break!

Twitter user @umeko_kj8 did a fantastic mashup of the vanguard mascots of both series, instantly tickling the fancy of anime fans and causing a retweeting frenzy on Twitter in Japan. Troubled by the never-ending “retweet” and “favorite” notifications that kept popping up on her phone, she eventually resorted to deleting her original post to put an end to the thousands of notifications.

Pikachu, I choose you! Jibanyan, I choose you… too! Can’t decide who to root for? Here, have the best of both worlds with this Jibachu, or Pikanyan… or whatever it is.


Although the Youkai Watch wave has yet to reach the shores outside of Japan, we’re guessing it’s probably just a matter of time before it starts its international franchise battle with Pokémon. Which side of the battle are you on?

Source: Twitter via Game Over
Top image: @umeko_kj8 on Twitter