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There’s no denying that Pokémon and the series’ adorable Pikachu are loved around the world. The international franchise has been around long enough that there are now several generations of former kids who grew up infatuated with the fantastic monsters but who may feel they can no longer openly show their affection for Pokémon, on account of supposedly being all “grown up”.

Well, you may be a grown-up in age, but if you still have a tiny bit of that Pokémon Master left in you, you might be delighted by the newest collaborative item being offered by fashion and culture brand BEAMS and the Pokémon Company. Check out these Pokémon×BEAMS watches that combine fashionable design and accurate time-keeping with your love of the Pokémon world!

BEAMS and Pokémon have actually joined forces before to come out with items like this adorable Pikachu cap made by NEW ERA, and now they’ll be offering these sleek watches that come in two designs modeled after none other than Pikachu, of course, and the stylishly colored Poké Ball.

The watches are no children’s toys either. They’re genuine SEIKO timepieces with solar power that lasts almost indefinitely, and they’re designed to be water-resistant to 10 Bar — definitely a gadget for grown-ups. Let’s take a closer look at the watches, shall we?

▼ Here’s the Pikachu watch in cool white, silver and yellow. The “P” mark in the center makes a cute yet undeniable statement, and the brown lines on the minute hand also symbolize Pikachu’s tail.

Poke 1

▼ The yellow adds a beautiful dash of color.

Poke 2

▼ The watch even comes in a lovely original yellow and brown box.

Poke 3


▼ And here’s the Poké Ball model watch in a chic black. The design is quite simple, making the Poké Ball coloring pattern in the center stand out that much more.


Poke 4

▼ The watch looks like it would match virtually any color or style of clothes.

Poke 5

▼ This watch too comes in a yellow and brown box.

Poke 6


The best part about the two watches may be that they contain definite Pokémon motifs without screaming “Pokémon otaku“, making them perfect for adult Pokémon fans.

▼ Yup, they look pretty cool, don’t they? And it seems to be a design that can be enjoyed by both men and women.

Poke 7

Poke 8

The watches are both priced at 39,960 yen (US$323) — yes, the price is for grown-ups too — and they’re now taking pre-orders on the BEAMS online shop for delivery starting in mid-July. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they deliver overseas, but if you’re in Japan and you’re a Pokémon fan, or someone close to you is, this could be an awesome item to own or give … because honestly, who wouldn’t want Pikachu or a Poké Ball on their arm, right?

Source: BEAMS Online Shop via KAI-YOU.net (Japanese)
Top Image: BEAMS Online Shop edited by RocketNews24
Inset Images: BEAMS Online Shop