Poké-pop the question with this beautiful handcrafted case from Japan’s Pokémon wedding jeweler.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve found the love of your life, and the only thing that comes anywhere close to the passion you have for each other is the passion you have for Pokémon. Naturally, you’re not going to buy just any old set of wedding and engagement rings, right?

Once you’ve chosen between Japanese jeweler U Treasure’s Pikachu and Mew rings, though, you’ve still got one little problem. You can’t pop the question to your spouse-to-be with such a special ring sitting inside a boring square box, right? Of course not, which is why U Treasure can also set you up with an awesome Poké Ball engagement ring case!

But wait, this isn’t just any Poké Ball. Being in the business of romance, obviously U Treasure is hoping that your special someone says “Yes!”, and so this handcrafted wooden case is painted in the colors and insignia of a Master Ball, which seasoned Pokémon Trainers know guarantees a 100-percent success rate in catching Pokémon, making it an auspicious choice for capturing your beloved’s heart.

So how much is U Treasure charging for this awesome good luck charm? Nothing at all…at least for the case itself. The Master Ball case (which has a removable Shantung silk liner, so that it can also be used as a general accessory case or keepsake box) is being offered as a complimentary component of U Treasure’s three-piece Pikachu or Mew engagement and wedding ring sets during the company’s Bridal Jewelry Fair, which runs from June 1 to 30.

However, even if you’re not in the market for wedding rings, there’s still a way to land a Poké Ball accessory case, as U Treasure is re-releasing its standard Poké Ball case, in the traditional red-and-white color scheme, on June 1, for a price of 12,960 yen (US$119).

U Treasure’s Master Ball-inclusive Bridal Jewelry Fair sets can be ordered online here, while the Poké Ball accessory case is available here. And if you’re looking for even more Pocket Monster flair for your nuptials, don’t forget about Japan’s full-blown Pokémon wedding ceremony plan.

Source: U Treasure via Jin
Top image: U Treasure
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