This Japanese manga about the Joker raising a Baby Batman is so good, and approved by DC

If you haven’t read this manga yet, you should!

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Many angered online over news that “Joker” may never show on Japanese TV

Popular opinion is not to blame movies for people’s actions.

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Man dressed as Batman’s Joker commits stabbing/arson attack on Tokyo train on Halloween night

Tells police his goal was to “kill a lot of people.”

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Joker in the running for Chiba Gubernatorial Election

Why so serious, Chiba?

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World’s most terrifyingly scary-looking alpaca found in Japan【Photos】

Keep the image of that cute-looking alpaca above in your memories, because you’re going to need it.

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Joker weds Harley Quinn! Guess who walked the bride down the aisle

Hey comics fans, check out this plot twist of the year! Apparently, Joker and Harley Quinn tied the knot, and Batman officiated the ceremony for his nemesis. And that’s not quite the biggest twist yet…

Well, the top image has probably given it away, this isn’t a real plot twist in the authentic DC Comics series. This happily-ever-after ending came from a comic fan’s dream wedding; a totally awesome Marvel/DC Comics-themed wedding that is just a delight to look at even if you’re not a fan of Batman or Harley Quinn or I… oops! Nearly let the cat out of the bag! Unveil the big twist after the jump (there are no titans this time, we promise)!

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