Harley Quinn

On Halloween, turn any character into a wounded zombie version with these few simple steps【Pics】

Our reporter shares her pro tips for applying wound makeup for her masked, zombie version of fan-favorite Harley Quinn this year.

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Japanese rock star Hyde’s Harley Quinn Halloween costume is the best we’ve seen this year

No one can top this, unless that person is Margot Robbie!

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Harley Quinn cosplay spreading across Japan ahead of Suicide Squad’s release【Photos】

It’s yet to be seen how Japan will react to the antihero movie itself, but cosplayers are already warming up to one member of the antihero ensemble.

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Joker weds Harley Quinn! Guess who walked the bride down the aisle

Hey comics fans, check out this plot twist of the year! Apparently, Joker and Harley Quinn tied the knot, and Batman officiated the ceremony for his nemesis. And that’s not quite the biggest twist yet…

Well, the top image has probably given it away, this isn’t a real plot twist in the authentic DC Comics series. This happily-ever-after ending came from a comic fan’s dream wedding; a totally awesome Marvel/DC Comics-themed wedding that is just a delight to look at even if you’re not a fan of Batman or Harley Quinn or I… oops! Nearly let the cat out of the bag! Unveil the big twist after the jump (there are no titans this time, we promise)!

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