Dress your feet up in fox spirit cosplay.

A few years ago, we introduced you to a lineup of over-the-knee fox socks from Japanese fashion label curiosite, which paid tribute to the kitsune. “Kitsune”, which literally means “fox” in Japanese, is attached to a world of mystery and folklore in Japan, as it conjures up images of the mythical fox spirit attached to the Shinto deity of rice, and this is the fox that appears on the leggings, allowing its wearer to spirit themselves away to a magical world of fun and fantasy.

▼ The over-the-knee socks made their debut in 2015.

Now, five years after the foxy high socks made their first foray into the fashion world, curiosite has returned with a more petite fox for longer hemlines.

Called the “Okitsune-sama Socks“, (the “O” is an honorific prefix and “sama” is an honorific suffix), this new release features a white fox on one leg and a red torii (Shinto shrine gate) on the other.

On the back of each sock is a fox with a scroll in its mouth, as a nod to the animal’s mythical role as the messenger spirit for the Shinto deity of rice.

▼ On the sole of each sock is a fox foot – one black and the other red.

The Okitsune-sama Socks are also available in black, using the same design.

The cute fox socks are available to pre-order now at Village Vanguard for 2,750 yen (US$25.69), with deliveries scheduled for late May to early June. The mid-calf socks are a great way to turn heads during the warmer months, along with these sushi socks and the sailor suit ones with little collars on them.

Top image: Village Vanguard 
Insert images: Village Vanguard (1, 2)
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