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I can’t help but laugh every time I hear a story about people finding an image of Jesus in some household setting. It’s not so much their spiritual fervor that gives me a chuckle, though, but the incongruent nature of the logic being shown. On one hand, he’s powerful enough to send messages to true believers from across the boundaries of our mortal realm, but on the other, he chooses to make his appearance in a piece of singed toast or an oil stain on someone’s driveway?

Call me cynical, but I’m not convinced the son of God rolls that way. That kid of haphazard choice of manifestation setting seems more like the work of a lower being, like maybe a dog who’s still getting the hang of how to project himself through the astral plane.

Speaking of which…

We’re not sure what prompted Twitter user Fukuinu, whose name translates as Lucky Dog, to gaze into the swirly grain of a piece of wood paneling. Nor are we sure why something decided to stare back.

“You can all see this too, right?” Fukuinu asked his followers. Yes, yes we can, and so can these online commenters.

“Arf arf!”
“Hey, boy! So that’s where you’ve been!”
“He sure has a lot of mucus.”
“Even though I know it’s just a piece of wood, it’s still freaking me out.”

While there are a few dissenting opinions that claim that’s a bear and not a dog, everyone seems to agree that there’s some sort of animal looking back from the wooden void. We say it looks more like a pooch, although we’re not so sure that’s mucus hanging off the dogs chin. As a matter of fact, it looks a bit like a devilish goatee. And now that we take a second look, we can’t help but notice the pointed ears, and the inky black eyes.

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Hang on a second, is this some kid of canine demon prince trying to invade our world and feast on our souls like so much tasty kibble? All right, that’s it! No more dark magical rituals for anybody’s pets, starting now!

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Images: Twitter