It’s the end of December and that can mean only one thing: Comiket is in full swing! Today was only the first day, but the cosplay (and the crowds) were utterly amazing. With about half a million people expected to visit over the three-day event at Tokyo Big Sight, you should hardly be surprised that people from all over Japan–and some from around the world–flock to the doujinshi spectacular.

We headed down on Sunday afternoon and captured a few photos of our favorite cosplayers. And by “a few” we mean “a metric crapton.”

The weather was a bit chilly, but perfect for walking around in circles for hours on end. At least for those of us in normal clothes. We honestly have no idea how all the skin-baring fans kept their extremities from going numb–though there were more than a few folks with goosebumps, so we guess they’re not super-human after all!

If you’ve never been to Comiket before, here’s the view that greats you upon ascending the stairs of Big Sight–people, there are a lot of them!

Comike87 (1)

This is the 87th Comiket–a full 39 years have passed since the very first convention in 1972. Yep, Comiket is older than most of its attendees!

But we’re not here to talk about the crowd or history–we’re here to look at awesome costumes! So, without further ado, we present some of our favorite cosplay from Comiket’s three designated cosplay areas!

▼This was literally the first cosplayer we saw.
His sign reads, “I did it! I made the thing that you occasionally use with the toilet!”

Comike87 (2)

▼And here are some nightmarish Youkai Watch characters for you.

Comike87 (3)

▼These guys should need no introduction!

Comike 87 (4)
Comike87 (5)


Comike87 (6)

▼That’s it! Call it off! This Kan Colle cosplay wins the everything.

Comike87 (7)

▼Wait! Nevermind! This No More Eiga Dorobo team wins!

Comike87 (8)


Comike87 (65)

▼Of course, it wouldn’t be Comiket if there weren’t at least one Link!

Comike87 (9)

▼Or a sexy Mario…yowza!


▼Drinking beer and cosplaying at the same time? This guy is a genius.

Comike87 (11)

▼Trafalgar looks a bit like one of Mario’s toadstool friends…


▼Sadly, no, this is not a Monty Python cosplay.

Comike87 (13)

Comike87 (14)



▼This guy couldn’t have pulled it off better if he were Tom Hardy himself.

Comike87 (17)

▼Eeep! Please don’t hurt us!

Comike87 (18)

Comike87 (19)


▼Naruto may be ending, but fans won’t be giving up their love any time soon!


▼We don’t remember Yu-Gi-Oh! looking quite this bad-ass!



▼It wouldn’t be a cosplay event without at least one Chun-Li



▼Someone call Bill Gates! We found a Windows fan!

Comike87 (26)

Comike87 (27)

▼Even Princess Jellyfish put in an appearance!


▼Teto Teto sure does look happy!


Comike87 (31)

▼Nooo! Godzilla attaaaaaack!

Comike87 (32)

▼Oh, never mind.

Comike87 (33)

▼It looks like Ramba Ral has composed a haiku for us!
“This air…this crowd…it must be winter Comiket!”

Comike87 (34)

▼Hatsune Miku: Singer, dancer, Santa’s little helper!

Comike87 (35)

Kyotaro Nishimura is, of course, one of Japan’s biggest mystery authors.
This cosplayer is dressed up as a fake Nishimura novel,
titled The Case of the Comic Market Murder.

Comike87 (36)

▼Olaf seemed to be enjoying the cool weather!


▼Some of the first Attack on Titan cosplayers we saw–but not the last by far!


Danganronpa‘s Monokuma has always been kinda cute…but not this cute!



▼See? More Attack on Titan!


▼Holy crap, what are all these people taking photos of?
Is it a fist fight? Did someone start communicating with the dead?
Is there gold down there???

Comike87 (42)

▼Oh…well, that’s kind of a let down…

Comike87 (43)

▼ Underbewb.

Comike87 (44)


▼Kiki traded in her broom for a Swiffer!


▼Somehow, the bored expression really pulls the whole Rei Ayanami look together!

Comike87 (47)

▼Oh, no! We pissed off Boba Fett, a stormtrooper, and Master Chief.
Fortunately, only one of those characters can aim well!


▼There are lots of winners at Comiket, but especially everyone involved with this!


Comike87 (51)

Comike87 (52)

Comike87 (53)

Comike87 (54)

Comike87 (55)

Comike87 (56)

▼Fortunately, the guys from Payday seem to have forgotten their weapons!

Comike87 (57)

▼One of our favorite groups was the NEET “own-home protection squad.”

Comike87 (48)

▼But the NEETs aren’t the only ones with a security force!
These cosplayers represent the fictional armed branch of Hello Work,
the Japanese government’s employment service, the archnemisis of the NEETS!

Comike87 (59)

▼Where else but Comiket would you find Batman taking on a Predator??

Comike87 (60)

Comike87 (61)


Comike87 (63)

Comike87 (64)

And here is a photo of our intrepid guide through the convention today, none other than Mr. Sato!

Comike87 (58)

A huge thank you goes out to our handsome Japanese writer for showing us around and everyone at Comiket for making it one of the best times we’ve had all winter!

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