We’ve been bringing you all the the details on the year’s best fukubukuro – or “lucky bags” – today, but no roundup of these wonderful New Year’s goodie bags would be complete without a visit to ice cream purveyor Baskin Robbins Japan. Let’s find out what frozen delights were hidden in their bag!

Baskin Robbins, known simply as 31 (Saatii wan) in Japan, is extremely popular among Japan’s ice cream aficionados. Not only do they offer a wide range of flavours, but they’re always running some kind of interesting deal or promotion, so we had high hopes for their New Year Lucky Bag! What tantalising treats could be lurking within? Our Japanese correspondent Debuneko went to find out!

Priced at a reasonable 2,000 yen, we heard rumours that each of 31’s Lucky Bags comes with either a special Snoopy bento box or a “leisure sheet” which is sort of a thin plastic sheet (great for impromptu picnics!).

▼ Sure, the bag’s pretty cute, but we’re more interested in what was inside it!

It turns out that the rumours were true, as our reporter bagged the leisure sheet! It’s a decent size and could comfortably accommodate two adults or a couple of kids. It’s wipe-clean, so it would be ideal for a crafts or drawing session if you want to keep your floors scribble-free. Failing that, hanami season is only a few months away so it’s worth hanging on to!

Also included in the bag were FOUR gift cards for free ice cream! Score!

And a cute hot-pink rubber Snoopy coin purse!

Next, here’s something that’s both cute and practical – a Snoopy hand towel! (useful for navigating Japan’s subway bathrooms where hot air hand dryers are a rare sight!)

Plus, the final item – some original Baskin Robbins note paper!

Overall, our reporter DEBUNEKO (which means tubby kitty, fyi!) was overjoyed with her goodies! But what we want to know is, who is she going to give those free ice cream gift cards to…?

Original article: DEBUNEKO
All photos: RocketNews24

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