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In celebration of 2015, Baskin Robbins Japan has created a special flavor inspired by sheep, this year’s animal according to the Chinese zodiac. And while it may not actually taste like lamb, it has enough imagery inspired by the woolen animal to make you say, “BAA!”

Starting from December 26, ice cream lovers can have a taste of what Baskin Robbins is calling “Lucky Sheep,” a combination of strawberry ice cream, marshmallows (representing a sheep’s fluffy wool), and chocolate chips (representing a sheep’s round black eyes). The new flavor is being touted as “cute and lovely,” but we’re having a hard time with the imagery of eating the lifeless eyes of a little lamb and getting all that wool caught in our throat.

▼ We wonder what the pink strawberry ice cream represents…sheep ice cream2

Only available from New Year’s Day until the 12th of January, Baskin Robbins is also offering a “Happy Doll Sheep” sundae. The company created the dessert with the image of “a sheep pleasantly sleeping while having the year’s first dream.”

sheep ice cream



It includes two horn-shaped chocolates, a chocolate 2015 ice cream cone, and whipped cream. Customers are free to choose any type of ice cream they like to create the face of their sweet lamb, but you might as well sheep it up and go for the Lucky Sheep ice cream. Those chocolate chip eye balls won’t eat themselves!

Source: NariNari