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This fan’s custom guitar job will have all the Dragon Quest fans rocking out.

Most guitarists will tell you that their guitar is a deeply personal object. Some might name them, while others will choose one that reflects the musician in some way. At the ESP Guitar Craft Academy School in Tokyo, you can learn all that you need to repair and make guitars, and one student decided to take that passion to the next level, combining his love of Dragon Quest with guitars to create an instrument that paid tribute to a particularly slimy character.

Fans of the storied video game franchise have fallen in love with the shape and the color of this custom guitar. And, it’s not just the body that has been given special attention — the head is also shaped like the iconic Dragon Quest monster. Unfortunately, the focus on recreating the look of the Slime came with some side-effects. The circular shape of the guitar makes it difficult to play sitting down, while the pointy bit also gets in the way while strumming. However, @italianrhcp says that once you get past those little details, the guitar doesn’t play badly at all.

▼ Photos of the build process





According to the Twitter user, the most difficult part of the build was getting the color just right as the process for the metallic blue coating gave him trouble right until the bitter end. The struggles were worth it though, because this slime guitar looks fantastic!

Though, we have to admit, our favorite Slime is still Mr. Sato buying a new iPhone

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@italianrhcp