Mr. Sato nets himself a uniquely fishy souvenir inside of Tokyo’s major travel hub

You, too, may be able to get your hands on this “Tuna King” when you pass through Tokyo Station.

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Pokémon’s official baby brand opens Monpoké Marché, its first long-term, physical store in Odaiba

This store-in-a-store is for all of the littlest Pokémon lovers in your life, with play and rest areas to entertain the whole family. 

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Muji opens its first prepared food-themed store in Higashi Ikebukuro

MUJIcom Higashi Ikebukuro seeks to deliver a health-conscious, community-based approach to meals.

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Kimono rental shops in Kyoto and Nara offer Japanese-style hijabs to buy or rent

More stores in Japan’s ancient capital cities are now offering fully functional and fashionable hijabs to accommodate guests from all over the world

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This store in Tokyo will pull out your grey hairs for you, leave you looking years younger

“Refresh your soul and hair!” is the slogan of the first white-hair-removal specialty store in Japan.

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Cardcaptor Sakura special shops to open next year, comes with tons of exclusive goodies for fans

There’s literally so much stuff that they could make an entire museum out of it.

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Honesty experiment in China ends with losses of 20 percent for participating convenience stores

Two stores in China trialled unstaffed shops this week, in an experiment to see whether customers would pay up without being prompted.

Convenience stores in Beijing and Hangzhou were temporarily replaced with automated payment systems and advertised as “completely unstaffed”. Sadly, the experiment was not an unqualified success. While most customers proved to be honest, some chose to pay only a fraction of their bill, and in some case nothing at all.

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Mr. Sato divulges the contents of a 2015 Apple Store Lucky Bag–will he get a lame t-shirt again?

Following his tradition of the past few years, RocketNews24’s ace reporter and calendar model Mr. Sato dutifully lined up outside the Apple Store in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood to wait for the January 2 release of the its 2015 lucky bag (luckily, his experience waiting outside wasn’t nearly as traumatic as the poor folks’ up in Sapporo). Although he was hoping to score a MacBook Air for the second year running, this year our man had his eye on another item as well–the Apple Store lucky bag-exclusive t-shirt.

Will Mr. Sato find the coveted t-shirt in his bag again this year? See his haul after the jump!

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“Stock we should never have ordered”: This Japanese store’s pricing posters are way too honest

Employees at the campus co-op store at Nihon Joshi Daigaku may work at Japan’s oldest private women’s university, but when it comes to making their special offer displays, their attitude is anything but old-fashioned. Their witty, super-honest pricing displays regularly have the Japanese Twitterverse in stitches.

Join us after the jump for six of the best!

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Alice in Wonderland shop in Nagoya, another opening in Osaka this week!  

What if we told you to follow the white rabbit? Would you have the knee-jerk reaction of “hell no!” or would you pull a Neo and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes? If you find yourself in Nagoya or Osaka, following the white rabbit might actually lead you to Wonderland! Tons of shoppers have been doing just that and have been arriving at a store called Alice on Wednesday. The store has been so popular that on the weekends, long lines form in front of the shop, letting you know exactly where the rabbit hole is.

What will you find in Alice’s Wonderland? What makes the store so popular that they are opening a new location in Osaka? You won’t have to take the red pill to find out, just click on through!

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