Remember the Muji Fortune Can that we featured a few days ago from our favorite minimalist home goods store, Muji? Following that welcome discovery, our Japanese reporter also managed to get her hands on both a Muji Women’s Clothing Lucky Bag and a Muji Health & Beauty Lucky Bag.

Although she was content with most of the surprises, there was one clothing item in particular that stumped her–can anyone give her a few tips on how best to wear it? Don’t miss her mini fashion show after the jump!

Our Japanese correspondent Debuneko bought the Muji Women’s Clothing Lucky Bag for 3,000 yen (US$24.91) and the Muji Health & Beauty Lucky Bag for only 1,000 yen ($8.32). That’s not bad, considering the total value of the clothing was 13,880 yen ($115.51), and the combined cosmetics would regularly fetch 5,770 yen ($48.02)!


Although she could get a glimpse of the clothing through the bag, the full contents of the Women’s Clothing Lucky Bag weren’t revealed until after Debuneko took everything out. The following are the six items she received, which included four “normal” items and two “mysterious” items, according to her:

Muji Women’s Clothing Lucky Bag (Size: Medium)

  • Henry neck t-shirt (4,900 yen/$40.97)
  • Long fleece pants (1,550 yen/$12.87)
  • Heat insulating crew neck shirt (1,550 yen/$12.87)
  • Wrap-around snood scarf/skirt (3,980 yen/$33.05)
  • Hip-hugger undies lined with silk (900 yen/$7.49)
  • Shadow border grip tights (1,000 yen/$8.30)

The heat insulating crew neck shirt was made from organic cotton and felt soft to the touch, as did the long fleece pants. The tights and undies were also particularly thin, light, and comfortable against the skin. But Debuneko’s excitement quickly turned into bewilderment when she saw the remaining two items.

▼The four “normal” items


▼The two “mysterious” items


“How exactly are you supposed to wear these?” she mused. The first of those two items, the Henry neck t-shirt, looked ordinary at first sight. But when Debuneko actually tried it on, she felt like something was a bit off, especially when all the buttons were done up.

▼Mysterious item #1: Henry neck t-shirt that “goes with anything”


▼”Someone who’s good at dressing well will understand how to wear this,” she thought.


However, the second of the two items was even more puzzling–just what the heck was this wide, cylindrical piece of cloth, and how are you supposed to wear it? Debuneko was understandably perplexed, and immediately turned to the attached tag for illustrated suggestions about how to wear it.

▼Mysterious item #2: Wrap-around snood scarf/skirt (?)


She then decided to model each of the suggestions, which proved to be trickier than she initially thought. For the first idea, she folded the cloth into several layers to create a neck warmer:


▼Even so, it seemed a bit too bulky…


Next, she tried the “poncho-style,” looping the fabric around her neck and letting it hang down in the front:

▼”Umm, am I doing this right?”


After that, she unfolded the cloth back into a single layer and slipped her arms through, pulling down to create a shrug-type garment:

▼”This really doesn’t feel right…”


Finally, she wrapped it around her waist, pulling in the extra fabric as if it were a kimono, and tied it in place with the attached ribbon to create a makeshift sarong. “I feel like a cafe waiter wearing an apron,” she laughed.


▼Here’s the first tag showing examples of how to wear the long fabric…


▼…and here’s the second tag.


Despite the illustrated suggestions, Debuneko still felt like she was missing the point, and ultimately decided to leave the bizarre garment to the fashion experts.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the second of her lucky bags, which proved to be much less ambiguous and much more useful than the first one.

Muji Health & Beauty Lucky Bag

  • Large mini bag (1,500 yen/$12.46)
  • 2-in-1 organic moisturizing gel (1,300 yen/$1o.82)
  • Lavender-scented face lotion (1,000 yen/$8.30)
  • Flat pouch (800 yen/$6.65)
  • Mini fragrance candles (floral) (360 yen/$2.99)
  • Mini fragrance candles (refreshing) (360 yen/$2.99)
  • Sweat-wiping sheets (three pieces) (250 yen/$2.08)
  • Lavender & mint-scented bath tablet (100 yen/$0.83)
  • Aloe-scented medicinal bath powder (50 yen/$0.42)
  • Lychee-scented medicinal bath powder (50 yen/$0.42)

This time around, Debuneko had no trouble recognizing everything in the bag, and was quite excited that they were all things she could use in her daily life. If she had any complaint, it was that there were a few too many candles. But she was especially pleased with the 2-in-1 organic moisturizing gel and the scent of the lavender face lotion. Bravo, Muji!

▼The contents of the Health & Beauty Lucky Bag at a glance


That evening, Debuneko resolved to use one of the scented bath goodies, then slip into her new fleece long pants before going to bed. Sweet dreams–maybe you’ll come up with a better use for that long piece of fabric in your sleep!

Original article by Debuneko
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