Apart from cats, girls and geeky stuff, food is another aspect we often cover on RocketNews24, and among the many snacks and delicacies we write about, ramen is definitely one of the more popular recurring topics that has made a presence in our archives. Yes, we’ve seen quite a portion of the endless possibilities the noodle dish has; from canned ramen to black ramen to ramen in donuts, sushi and even yarn, but we seldom zoom in on the many characteristic establishments that provide the delectable noodles we enjoy.

Sure, you might have seen a ramen shop even in your local neighborhood, but they’re probably not as amusing without these quirky sights some Japanese Twitter users have spotted at ramen shops in Japan!

▼ This ramen shop has Dom Pérignon champagne on its beverage menu.

▼ This establishment’s menu, however, is beyond us.

▼ And this one’s owner can’t decide if he wants to run his business or not.
The words on the left shutter say “open all year round”, but on the right is a notice that says they’re closed for the New Year and will reopen on the 5th. Shutters of irony.

▼ But no holiday beats this 46-year-old ramen master’s annual “solo journey to find himself.”

▼ Now, this cook probably needs a good break. From fried rice.

Top notice: “Please limit to ordering two servings of fried rice per table. It’s hard on the cook.”
Bottom notice: “Cook’s body is hurting from preparing fried rice. Please eat something else.”

▼ This ramen shop is looking to hire a full-time ramen maniac.

Work days: No days off
Working hours: Until you collapse
Hourly pay: Depends on the condition
Transport allowance: Depends on the location
“If you’re willing to work under these conditions, we love you.”

▼ This owner’s struggle with online critics.
“Leaving of bad reviews online is prohibited. *Good reviews are okay.”

▼ If only they could all lighten up a bit, like this place’s owner.

Blue box: “I’m in charge of the toothpicks. Raise and lower me. Please avoid wastage.”
Bottles from left to right: Male (a pun on the Japanese name for vinegar and the male gender, both of which are pronounced as “osu”), Rā-ko (rāyu, which is Japanese for chili oil, fashioned like a typical Japanese girl’s name that ends with -ko), and Shou-ko (shouyu, which is soy sauce. The final punch to the gender joke with the vinegar and chili oil.)
Red box: Yume no kake-hashi (a pun on the words “bridge” and “chopsticks”, which are both “hashi” in Japanese, giving you chopsticks that will lead you to your dreams.)

▼ And this shop’s signs for the lavatory are just too punny!
麺 (pronounced “men”) is the kanji character for “noodles”. Guess we don’t have to spell out how the other one is pronounced!

▼ We love puns, but it gets a little frightening when you don’t know what you’re putting in your ramen.

Left to right: Admiration, Courage & Strength, a Rich Heart
Bottom: A kappa‘s favorite food. (A kappa is a Japanese water sprite.)
It’s said that kappa like cucumbers, so our best guess would be pickled cucumbers. As for the contents of the other three jars, we’ll leave it up to your imagination.

It’s a pity we don’t have the exact locations of these intriguing eateries, otherwise we’d know where to go when we need a helping of courage and strength. What’s the most amusing thing you’ve seen at a food outlet?

Source: Corobuzz via Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter (@milk_tya)