If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see that inside this sushi roll there’s no rice. Instead, it’s filled with the goodness of instant noodles!

The lifeblood of students, singles and people who just don’t have time to cook, the humble noodle has been used in many ways over the years and now it’s seeing a new dawn, wrapped in a roll and plated up as sushi. And did I mention this baby is wrapped in bacon?

We’ll give you the easy, step-by-step recipe after the jump, but purists be warned: the following images may disturb. Everybody else: come on in and take a seat!

We’ve got American food blogger The Vulgar Chef to thank for this recipe. If you’re after some tasty food without all the fuss, this is actually one of the easiest recipes you could wish for.


– Instant Noodles (4 packs)

– Shredded Cheese (2 cups/472grams)

– Bacon

– Kimchee or pickled Chinese cabbage

– Chilli Sauce (optional)

Step 1

Boil up some instant noodles. When they’re done, tip out the water and add a good quantity of cheese to combine the mixture together. Pop the whole pot in the fridge to cool for 15 minutes.


Step 2

Give the cold noodles a good stir.


Step 3

Lay out some cling wrap on top of a sushi mat.


Step 4

Spread the noodle mix out in a flat layer on the cling wrap and place a layer of nori seaweed on top.


Step 5

Place the filling on the seaweed, working from the middle to the edge closest to you. Make sure you peel back the plastic as you roll it up tight.


Step 6

Wrap the roll in strips of grilled bacon. Mmmm … bacon …


Step 7

Sprinkle with chopped basil and cut into pieces. For even more flavour, top with chilli sauce and you’re done!


Grotesque or genius? We really can’t decide. Now that we’ve seen ramen sushi, we can’t help but wonder if sushi ramen might be lurking around the corner. That would be another one to add to the repertoire!

Sources: Karapaia The Vulgar Chef