Now, some of our readers may recall that we recently introduced on our site some devilishly tempting-looking doughnut sandwiches sold at Tokyo Station, and guess what? These “doughnut sandwiches” may actually be catching on in Japan, because popular Japanese food chains Mos Burger and Mister Donut have joined forces to come out this week with a new line of “MOSDO!”collaboration products, and one of them is a doughnut sandwich that we might say is one of the most, well… interesting-looking sandwiches we’ve ever seen. It’s the “Mos Burger French Cruller with Round-and-Round Chorizo Sausage” (Mos no French Cruller Guruguru Chorizo), and yes, it really does look like what you see in the picture!

Of course, there really was no way we could resist a sandwich involving doughnuts and an outrageously shaped sausage, so off we went to a nearby Mos Burger to try the unique creation. The concept here was that Mos Burger and Mister Donut would “swap menus” and try to create some new products based on popular items the other chain usually offers. As a result, Mos Burger came up with the “Mos Burger French Cruller with Round-and-Round Chorizo Sausage” and also the “Mos Burger French Cruller with Berry and Chocolate” (Mos no French Cruller Berry Chocolat) using Mister Donut’s popular French Cruller doughnuts.

▼The new French Cruller sandwiches were being advertised on a large poster in front of the Mos Burger shop. The chorizo sausage sandwich is priced at 390 yen (US$3.80), while the dessert-type sandwich with berry and chocolate costs 290 yen ($2.85). mos 0

▼At last, we get to try the doughnut sandwich with the amazing ultra-long sausage! mos 1

▼Here’s a look at the sandwich from the side. Mos Burger actually created their own original French Cruller doughnuts specifically for this MOSDO! collaboration, instead of using the regular doughnuts from Mister Donuts. mos 2

▼The sandwich contains lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions and chili sauce topped with the “round-and-round” sausage. mos 3

▼And here’s the sandwich without the top half of the doughnut. The sausage really does go round and round! mos 4

▼You can see the sausage is cooked to a lovely brown color.mos 5

▼Yup, we were more than ready to bite into Mos Burger’s sinful-looking creation. mos 6

And how did the chorizo sausage French Cruller sandwich taste? In a word (or two words, actually), quite delightful! The original French Cruller created for this collaboration menu was delicately soft and didn’t interfere with the juicy, crisp texture of the grilled sausage so that everything melded together nicely in your mouth. We actually thought the doughnut provided a more smooth and pleasant texture than a normal hamburger bun. And the sausage had a flavor that was meaty enough but not so strong as to be overwhelming when combined with the spicy chili sauce. It probably helped that Mos Burger made sure the original French Crullers weren’t very sweet, as a cakey sweetness may have clashed a bit too much with the flavor of the chili. One thing that we thought should be changed was the temperature of the doughnut. While the sausage and chili sauce were hot, the doughnut apparently hadn’t been heated, and we weren’t sure if that was intentional or not, but we thought the sandwich may have been even better if the doughnut was toasted warm as well. Otherwise, this sandwich was a pleasure to eat, and we definitely wouldn’t mind having one again. You may get your fingers a little messy with chili sauce in the process , but hey, that’s a small concern, isn’t it? And since we naturally had to have some dessert as well, we also tried the French Cruller with berry and chocolate.

▼Here’s the berry and chocolate sandwich, also made with Mos Burger’s original French Cruller, with just a little bit of strawberry peeking from inside the doughnut hole. mos 7

▼Although you can’t really tell from the outside, this dessert sandwich is actually quite a complex creation containing two layers of strawberry whipped cream, a thin sheet of chocolate with rice puffs and some mango sauce and berry sauce containing small pieces of actual fruit. See the strawberry whipped cream spilling from the side of the sandwich? mos 7-2

▼Ahh … now you can see the berry sauce and strawberry cream! mos 8

▼The colorful berries certainly look pretty and that juicy-looking fruit sauce makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? mos 9 Okay, so you probably won’t be surprised to hear that this combination of chocolate and strawberry cream and fruit sauce tasted quite delectable. The strawberry whipped cream gave the sandwich a recognizable but not too strong flavor of strawberry without being too sweet. Instead, the chocolate provided enough sweetness to make it a satisfying dessert, and the rice puffs in the chocolate added a delightful crunchy texture as well. At the same time, the slight sourness of the fruit sauce added a nice amount of tang so that not everything tasted all sweet. And the softness of the doughnut and strawberry cream made sure everything went down smoothly. Not bad at all! One thing we maybe should mention is that since the Mister Donut French Crullers these are modeled after are not that large, you may find these sandwiches to be relatively modest in size if you’re looking for something really filling. That said, though, we were quite satisfied with how they tasted. Well, now that we’ve had a nice meal and dessert, perhaps you’ll excuse us while we spend a few moments simply feeling contented …. and by the way, the French Crueller sandwiches are available until early July if you want to try them! Reference: Mos Burger press release (Japanese) and official website (Japanese) Top Image: Mos Burger Facebook page All other photos: RocketNews24