Niigata is one of the largest prefectures in Japan by area. Apparently, their ramen is also on the larger side. And by larger, we mean XXXXL. The famous local ramen restaurant “Men Macho” (‘men’ as in ramen) is best known for serving up insanely gigantic Fuji mountains of ramen toppings. This time, they have unveiled yet another new creation called the Rock Climbing ramen. That sure looks like one intimating wall of toppings to chomp through!

Priced at a whopping 6,500 yen (US$55), the enormous bowl of ramen claims to be ‘destructive’ with more than 3kg of delicious chunks of meat piled on top of the noodles. We have to admit, that does sound pretty delicious.


Just to prove that Men Macho isn’t just Photoshopping toppings onto ramen, here’s a Twitter user who has challenged a different giant ramen before:


If that were shaved ice or ice cream, I might have been able to survive it, but an insurmountable tower of meat and bean sprouts sounds pretty tough to me. Would you make a pilgrimage to scale the Rock Climbing ramen?

Source: Twitter, h/t Sonic Channel