Earlier in the week, we reported that the phenomenon of putting weird stuff on your pet and taking a photo of it was having a revival on Twitter in Japan. Today, we’re delighted to bring you even more pictures of a range of fuzzy animals with stuff precariously balanced on them!

Last time, we noted that while the snaps were cute and all, the animals themselves didn’t exactly seem to share the joke. Well, it turns out that it gets worse – much worse!

▼ The owner of this lovely black kitty opted to balance a couple of cat figurines on her cat.


▼ This tabby owner covered her puss in… white piggy figurines?

▼ Where’s the best place to keep your action figures? On the dog! But wait – those aren’t action figures!

▼ This bunny’s being kept warm by a cuddly Akita dog stuffy.

Eventually, a coherent theme begins to emerge – animals being covered with plushy versions of themselves!

▼ This pup’s carrying his whole family on his back – good thing they’re made of light plushy materials!

▼ This silver tabby doesn’t look too pleased at being smothered by a giant, unkempt version of a ginger tom cat.

▼ It’s a dog on dog world!

▼ This tabby doesn’t seem to have noticed it has a mini-me nestling between its shoulderblades…

Then, things get kind of random again…

▼ This Shiba inu’s giving a piggyback to a cuddly Gachapin.


▼ Someone’s toy bunny’s hitched a ride on a friendly deer.

▼ Why not cover your cat with a variety of peppers? It’ll be soooo funny! (and a good way to show off the fruits of your gardening.)

▼ Cat and tangerine. The owner writes that they wanted to balance it on kitty’s head, but kitty didn’t like it.

▼ Honey, have you seen my iPod? Yeah, it was on the dog.

This is where things get totally crazy – some insane pet owner decided to stack their cats on top of each other for a photo op. Erm, we’re not sure they’re enjoying it anywhere as much as their owner is…

If you, too, are stuck for original ideas for things to do with your pets, why not jump on the bandwagon and set up some snaps using interesting props (or just whatever you’ve got to hand) like these caring owners? We’re sure your pets will reward you with a volley of death glares, a full claw-set of scratches, or perhaps even a poop on your favourite chair. And you know what? You’d deserve it!

Source: Naver Matome
Image: Twitter @zatugakutan