Even if you’ve never even attempted to hop on a surfboard, you’ve probably still heard of Quicksilver. Their clothing and bags have achieved a near ubiquitous status in many parts of the world, particularly as backpacks for students. But the Australian company’s heart is surfwear, as you probably know, so they obviously also make wetsuits. But as a new commercial for the company shows, they also make TRUE WETSUITS.

Though Quicksilver is an Australian company, their newest product TRUE WETSUITS launched in Japan on Monday with a big splash. The wetsuits are literally wetsuits and suits, as you can see below, meaning you can catch a few waves before waltzing into work and dazzling your boss with your brilliant plan to save the company by winning the surf contest this weekend. If you happen to live in a sitcom.

▼Redefines “surf bum.”


The suits are all made to order and they come with an equally made-to-order price tag of 300,000 yen (about US$2,500), but almost everything in the picture is made of high quality waterproof neoprene. That includes the ties, jackets, pants, and even the bow tie, if you really need a wetsuit tuxedo. Maybe if you’ll be saving the prom at the surf contest…

▼Though you could pay for prom with the money to buy one suit…


The shirts are the only part that’s not made of neoprene–instead, they’re made of a “super-stretchy, water-repellent” material and “tailored with ‘Dry Flight,'” which apparently means the shirts will dry extremely quickly.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but why?” Or, you might be thinking that as cool as the idea is, you doubt anyone would actually drop several months’ rent on a wetsuit. But that’s because you haven’t seen the commercial yet. If this doesn’t convince you to run out and but a TRUE WETSUIT, you might need to check yourself for a pulse!

▼Even if you don’t surf, it makes spilling wine on your tie much less embarrassing.

As the commercial says, the wetsuits are available now…but it looks like it takes about two months to get your order. Though if you purchase one today, you’ll have yours just in time to “get stuck in traffic” on the way to a business meeting this summer. And, hey, exercise is supposed to clear the mind and help you think better, right? You’re doing this for the company!

Quicksilver has also released a short video about the making of the wetsuits and commercial, in case you want to know more about the handsome gentleman riding the waves.

The TRUE WETSUITS are available in three different types, with a black suit, a blue suit, and a black tuxedo. We should also note that the price does not include tax, so you’ll want to tack on an extra eight percent for consumption tax.

If you’re planning on surfing today, you’ll also find the TRUE WETSUITS website pretty helpful. The “Today’s Wave” section features information on the waves and weather for five countries: Japan, the US, Australia, France, and Brazil.


Sadly, if you are planning on playing hooky today, it looks like the nifty “press button to send an excuse for being late” pen is a prototype only and won’t actually be going on sale. You’ll just have to tell everyone that Japanese Harry Potter cast a “late to work” spell on you!

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Images: TRUE WETSUITS, Kai-you