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Aoki’s Pizza, the Japanese pizza chain which brought you last year’s chocolate and pineapple-topped Black Thunder pizza, is teaming up with fellow Nagoya-based Akakara (a popular nabe chain) for another wacky yet oddly appetizing-looking menu item: introducing this year’s “Akakara Cochin [a breed of chicken] meatball pizza.”

The new pizza went on sale on April 16 and will be offered for a limited time frame of approximately two months. Here’s Aoki’s Pizza’s official Twitter announcement regarding the new collaboration menu item:

It’s important to note that the pizza is NOT being offered at Akakara locations, but is only being sold through Aoki’s Pizza.

Apparently, the new pizza idea came about after restaurateurs realized that the spicy soup and cheese used to make the cheese risotto at Akakara had a natural affinity, and it occurred to them that a similar combination might work well for pizza, too. In fact, while dining, you might even have trouble telling if you’re eating a bona-fide pizza or one of Akakara’s famous nabe dishes (made using a secret blend red miso and chili pepper!), topped with delicious pieces of chicken and meatballs.

Based on the promotional pictures, we’d have to say that it does look quite yummy!

aoki's pizza

aoki's pizza2

During its approximately two-month period on the menu at Aoki’s Pizza, a small Akakara Cochin meatball pizza is selling for 1,300 yen (US$10.93), a medium size is going for 2,000 yen ($16.81), and a large size for 3,150 yen ($26.48). If you live in the Tokai region of Japan, try ordering it the next time you’re hit with an intense craving for pizza, meat, and spiciness!

Source: ITmedia Inc.
Images: Aoki’s Pizza (1, 2)