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Even though spikey-haired Goku is undeniably the protagonist of classic (and soon to be new) anime Dragon Ball, we’re not sure it’s entirely accurate to call fellow Saiyajin Vegeta a “supporting character.” That’s because the widow’s peak-sporting martial artist would tell you that he’s actually the strongest fighter in the Dragon Ball universe, and his prideful insistence on doing things his way means that “supporting” others isn’t something he’s particularly amicable to doing.

Maybe that’s the reason that while Goku and the villainous Frieza are hawking cola, Vegeta is instead endorsing Cup Noodle’s new vegetable-packed variety of instant ramen, and starring in an action-packed, cabbage-crushing commercial while he’s at it.

Each planet in the Dragon Ball franchise has a naming convention for the characters hailing from that particular celestial body, and in the case of the Saiyajin, their thing is being named after food, particularly vegetables. Because it’s such a short jump from “vegetable” to “Vegeta,” Cup Noodle maker Nissin decided that Vegeta would be the perfect spokesperson for its new instant ramen with red and yellow bell peppers, onion, potato, cabbage, and bok choy all in a pot-au-feu-style broth.

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Simply called Cup Noodle Vegeta (because how else could you get someone as vain as Vegeta to endorse your product without straight-up naming it after him?), Nissin boasts that it contains 120 grams (4.2 ounces) of vegetables, roughly one third of the amount Japanese dieticians recommend eating each day. However, Vegeta doesn’t have time to explain that, because giant vegetables are falling from the sky!

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“Hmph! You vegetables sure are acting cocky in front of a Saiyajin!” seethes Vegeta, before launching a series of punches and kicks and challenging his inanimate adversaries with “Bring it on!”

As angry he seems about the situation, for some reason his wife and kid still decide to airlift a giant head of cabbage to the battlefield.

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Apparently, Vegeta has reached his limit for tolerating these insolate foodstuffs, so it’s time to go Super Saiyajin and show them who’s boss!

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The ad closes with the invitation, “Let’s become Super Yasaiyajin,” (yasai being the Japanese word for “vegetable). It’s a tempting offer for anyone who loves ramen but is looking for something just a little healthier than run-of-the-mill varieties with just noodles and broth.

▼ Although if Vegeta’s scowling visage is freaking you out, remember that you do have other options when picking a ramen dining partner.

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