Now you can let your love for cats shine even in your signature.

Though signing things by hand is slowly gaining more popularity in Japan, most official processes still rely on using hanko, a name stamp used to prove your identity. They’re used for anything from signing apartment leases to opening bank accounts, but isn’t life more fun with fun designs, like Pokémon-themed ones?

Japanese custom hanko stamp makers Shiroyama Hakubundo recently released a collection of cat-inspired hanko stamps on May 27 called Neko no Sanpo Hanko, or “Cat Walk Hanko”, and the fun factor makes them really stand out.

The collection includes six designs, featuring a cat walking, sleeping, or playing at the edge of the stamp.

What’s even better than one cat? Two! Shiroyama Hakubundo knows that, and that’s why they give you the option to include two cats in your stamp if you so wish. More cats means less room for your name, but that can always be abbreviated, right?

Sometimes, Japanese residents aren’t allowed to use customized hanko stamps like this to sign official documents; for instance, the cat design wouldn’t be acceptable for signing something like an apartment lease. However, Shiroyama Hakubundo ensures that they are almost always accepted as at least a bank account hanko, which are still widely used to open a Japanese bank account.

With all of the different combinations of cats, along with the ability to write your name horizontally or vertically, there are about 72 different ways to customize this cat-themed hanko.

▼ Here are just a few combinations.

Whatever the combination, prices for these name stamps start at 2,950 yen (US$18.81) and are available on their web shop linked below.

Sources: Japaaan Magazine, PR Times, Neko no Sanpo Hanko
Images: PR Times
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