Now you can seal all of those important documents with more than just your name!

In Japan, the practice of using a personalized name stamp or seal (known as an inkan in Japanese) to sign important documents has been around for ages. You need one to open a bank account, sign a lease agreement for an apartment, and for generally any other case where important documentation is involved. We’ve seen a few unique and personalized inkan options in the past, both cute and cool, and now there’s a new stamp for those wanting a more futuristic twist on the traditional.

The new HANCODE, which is a play on words combining hanko (what the stamped seal is referred to, but is also colloquially used to mean the actual inkan as well) with “genetic code”, which is what the HANCODE does… to an extent!


At first glance, the circular markings around the kanji name may look like a fingerprint, but the design is based on five factors, supposedly determined by studying your genetic information. After accessing your sociality (社会性), discretion and sensitivity (慎重性, 繊細性), diligence (勤勉性), cooperativeness (協調性), and your openness and civility (開放性, 文化性), a special graphic is composed for each trait, from which your own personalized design is formed. With 24,300,000 design possibilities, you can be sure yours is unique!


Your five traits are determined with the “GeneLife Myself 2.0” self-analysis kit, and the body of the stamp is made with two types of pure titanium, smoothly polished in a spiral shape.

The HANCODE is available for preorder now, if you happen to have a cool 69,800 yen (US$650) lying around. If you’ve got the cash to splurge on this one-of-a-kind item you’d better hurry, though. Sales are limited to only 200 buyers, and the presale cutoff date is November 11!

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