All three Totoros show up in the adorable set.

There are a lot of heartwarming scenes in Studio Ghibli’s classic anime My Neighbor Totoro, but perhaps the sweetest is when little sister Mei first encounters the titular forest spirit. Rather than scream or run away in fear, she hops right up on the cuddly creature’s tummy and joins him for arguably the coziest-looking nap in the history of cinema.

It’s pretty much impossible to watch even a few frames of the sequence without letting out a comfy yawn of your own, and while character merchandiser Perfect World Tokyo isn’t selling Totoros to sleep on top of, it is offering arguably the next best thing: an adorable Totoro sleeping bag,

Made of suitable soft and plushy material, the sleeping bag seals not with an ordinary zipper, but a stylized acorn pull for an extra bit of woodland whimsy.

It also comes bundled with a pillow bearing the mid-size blue and compact white Totoros, giving you the complete set of the species’ three versions.

However, before you throw your current bed and mattress out, note that Perfect World lists this as being “for babies.” That designation is a bit misleading, since with a length of 140 centimeters (55.1 inches) you don’t have to be an infant to fit, but if you’re an average-size full-grown adult, you’re probably not going to find this to be a very spacious sleeping arrangement. However, you can always just use it as a blanket, or stuff it with some sort of soft filling and use it like a bean bag chair.

Perfect World also has a charming Totoro pillow, shown above, designed to cradle the user’s head between two smiling Totoros. At 36 centimeters (14.2 inches) long, this one is also designed with little tykes in mind, but Perfect World says it’ll also work great as a for-adults sofa cushion.

▼ Once again, all three Totoros are represented, with the white one hiding on the reverse side.

And last, there’s the 64-centimeter (25.2-inch) long “Gently Smiling Totoro Pillowcase,” which is made of a terrycloth-like material tha’s soft to lay your head on but still stays cool and comfortable.

▼ The “Gently Smiling” part of the name isn’t 100-percent accurate, but we don’t think anyone will mind these guys’ presence on the backside.

All items are offered for sale through Perfect World Tokyo’s online shop here.

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