This line is functional for outdoor activities, but also stylish for everyday wear!

The great thing about being a fan of the hit Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro is that Japanese companies are always coming out with great products that we can use to fill our Totoro collection. For example, outdoor brand Foxfire just released its first-ever Totoro line, and it’s both functional and stylish!

Foxfire’s values coincide with the messages in My Neighbor Totoro, like respecting nature, being true to yourself, and being honest, so they decided to modify their famous “Fish-eye camo” pattern by hiding Totoro, medium Totoros, small Totoros, and Soot Sprites in amongst the green and peach pattern. The resulting pattern is called “Fish-eye Totoro Camo”.

This new design is incorporated into several items in the line, including, for example, this wind- and water-resistant jacket, which uses the pattern on the inner lining of its body and hood.

Called the “My Neighbor Totoro Mountain Parka”, this jacket, which is khaki on the outside, is also embellished with an embroidered badge on the left sleeve that has been specially designed for this collection. It shows Totoro sitting on a tree branch in front of an orange background, with “My Neighbor Totoro” (in English) sewn into a circle around it. “Foxfire” is stitched in orange under its little feet.

As a final touch, the zipper handles on the front of the jacket and its pockets are made with tanned cow leather, designed specifically for this collaboration. The jacket is unisex, comes in small, medium, and large, and sells for 41,800 yen (US$310).

If you want more of the Fish-eye Totoro Camo, you can buy it in the button-up My Neighbor Totoro Camo Shirt, which is made with Foxfire’s standard quick-dry, cotton-like polyester fabric and printed entirely with the camo pattern.

This shirt is made in men’s sizes but is designed to be unisex with a bit of a loose fit for women. It sells for 15,400 yen.

You can also buy the Fish-eye Totoro Camo Bandana (2,200 yen), which is also covered in the colorful camo design.

If something more understated is to your taste, you might like the My Neighbor Totoro Cardigan, which comes in two colors: mocha and olive. Though it looks like cotton, it’s made with trademarked Transweat Scoron material that repels bugs, wicks moisture, and provides UV protection, making it a functional product for outdoor wear as well as a stylish piece of clothing.

▼ Mocha

▼ Olive

The Foxfire Totoro Badge, sewn onto the bottom left pocket, is the key that ties it into the collection. These cardigans are men’s sizes with a loose fit for women and are on sale for 16,500 yen each.

There’s also the My Neighbor Totoro Camo Logo Tee (6,930 yen), which is made with polyester on the inside and natural-style cotton on the outside, providing a thick yet comfortable T-shirt.

Sized for men but wearable by anyone, it has Foxfire’s logo and a Soot Sprite colored with the Fish-eye Totoro Camo pattern on the left breast. It comes in either off-white or navy.

Hikers, or even those who like trendy backpacks, might like Foxfire’s upcoming My Neighbor Totoro Daypack (15,400 yen), a hiking bag that comes in a glossy olive green with the Totoro badge on it and little Totoros embroidered on the side pockets. It also has the same tanned leather zipper handles as the jacket.

Though it’s small, it has plenty of storage. The main compartment comes with a removable clutch bag and has a back pocket big enough for a notebook PC. Plus, there are two front pockets for storing smartphones and wallets, and the back even has a pocket for passports. It might be the perfect travel bag for sightseeing as well as outdoor adventures. It will go on sale on May 12, together with a similarly designed shoulder bag.

The My Neighbor Totoro Shoulder Bag (13,200 yen) is a smaller option that comes in the same color and is also decorated with the Totoro badge, small embroidered Totoros on the side pocket, and tanned leather zipper handles. It’s just big enough to hold a standard-sized 500-milliliter (17-oz) bottle, so it’s neither too big nor too small, making it a great bag for a short hike or walk around town. The strap is also removable for easy storage or to use as a bag for small items while traveling.

▼ The inside of the shoulder bag is an earthy coral color and decorated with Soot Sprites.

All of these items are available (or will be on May 12 in the case of the bags) on Foxfire’s online shop as well as in physical Foxfire shops around Japan, so if you’re looking for some stylish new things to wear for a summer of hiking, definitely check them out! And don’t forget to visit the Ghibli specialty store Donguri Kyowakoku for their newest line of Totoro (and other Ghibli film) T-shirts…there’s so much Totoro swag out there, we don’t have enough money to buy it all!

Source, images: PR Times
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