Bubble wrap lovers everywhere were dealt a blow this summer with the devastating news that the company behind the world’s favourite air-filled packaging was launching a new, unpoppable bubble wrap. Sealed Air Corp., the inventors of bubble wrap back in the 1950s, have come up with a new design for an air-filled wrap that doesn’t burst under pressure.

But here at RocketNews24, we probably won’t be buying regular boring old round bubble wrap ever again anyway, because we’ve discovered that Japan has bubble wrap shaped like hearts and Mickey Mouse heads.

Yep, instead of circular bubbles of air, these designs have adorable patterns instead!

▼ Here’s a little army of Mickeys, sure to please anyone who gets a gift wrapped in them.


You can buy the shaped bubble wrap in a variety of colours, from bright red and yellow to clear and translucent shades.

▼ Like these cute little pastel hearts.


Rakuten shop Jibun Design Lab, who ship all their products carefully packed in heart bubble wrap and recently decided to start selling the wrap itself, suggest it as gift wrapping for wine or similar bottles.


▼ Front and back. We think we prefer the subtler flat side (left).


There’s only one problem with bubble wrap so cute: will we actually be able to bring ourselves to cut it up and use it, or will we just lie on the floor playing with the bubbles all day like a happy, lazy cat…?

Original article by Yuko Sawano
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Featured image: Rakuten (edited by RocketNews24)

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