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When Japan got its hands on a Marvel property back in the 1970s, it added something that is now recognized as very Japanese: giant robots, which Japanese Supaidaman used to battle his foes like a web-slinging Gundam pilot (even though the original Mobile Suit Gundam wouldn’t make its debut until two years later).

Jump to today, and both Marvel and Gundam are going strong in their respective home countries. However, if Marvel ever wants to increase its market share in Japan, maybe they should be working to create Gundam robots versions of their most famous characters. If you’re having a hard time imagining that crossover, we’ve found some fan art that will have you writing letters to both companies to make this happen.

On the Facebook page DC/Marvel-Comics/Movies, fans are encouraged to share creations, gossip and chat about all things comic book and movie-related. The moderators themselves will share amazing things they have found too and we have to admit that a Gundam/Marvel crossover is pretty intriguing. The original art was done by Aburaya Tonbi on pixiv and this is certainly a mashup that we are huge fans of.

▼ Spider-Man keeps his slim figure for increased mobility and speed.

▼ Cap still looks extremely patriotic and we can only imagine what kind of damage his shield does now.

▼ We imagine Tony Stark doesn’t care about how much this upgrade cost, since he’s a billionaire.

▼ Gerbera Black Widow is ready to put the sting on other robots.

▼ Gelgoog Marine Hawkeye looks like he is still bringing a bow to a fight with super-advanced technology.

▼ Mighty Thor becomes even mightier with the edition of tons and tons of metal.

▼ Loki always seems a little top-heavy, but he’s a god.

▼ This huge green machine is still smashing all those who get in his way.

▼ The “twins” live again!

▼Eye patch? Check.

▼ Ant Man and Wasp are a deadly and dynamic mini-Gundam duo.

▼ And we thought Professor X was dangerous with just his telepathy…

▼ Magneto looks a bit like Onslaught here, but don’t tell him we said that.

▼ Emma Frost is still wearing a revealing costume in robot form.

▼ Wolverine keeps his claws and iconic colors, but we have to wonder if he still has super healing

▼ Like Wolverine, this Gundam is ready for close quarters combat

▼ Sorry, Cyclops, even now no one likes you…

▼ In a non-mutant world, Juggernaut probably would be a sumo wrestler.

▼ The Silver Samurai is already wearing armor, so this isn’t much of a stretch.

▼ “Master Strange,” bringing an element of magic to a futuristic world

▼ Deadpool’s Kapool “DeadKapool” already knows that you love him.

▼ Brother and sister reunited in robot form.

▼ Kinda perfect, since Goufs already use that similar whip-like weapon.

▼ Taskmaster isn’t a super popular character, but he fits pretty well with the Gyan.

▼ Not sure how well Ghost Rider’s flaming head will burn in outer space…

▼ Acguy Racoon & Catol “I am” Groot

▼ Gundam “Punisher” is ready to make up for all the mistakes he made in life

Whether you’re an Avengers fan, an X-men fan, or a fan of any of Marvel’s other iconic comic book characters, there’s something for everyone. Just like the multitude of robots in Mobile Suit Gundam, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find more of Aburaya Tonbi’s work on his pixiv page, so be sure to check it out if you like this fan art.

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Source: Facebook/DC-Marvel-Comics/Movies
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