Our Japanese reporter’s experience with crawfish in the US left him stunned


Our reporter gets stuck into a seafood treat not usually found in Japan.

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We eat the best crayfish of our life at a Tokyo specialty restaurant【Taste test】

This Takadanobaba restaurant blew us away with its delicious Chinese-inspired dishes!

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Japan government to fine up to one million yen for anyone harboring illegal alien crayfish

Officials have had enough of these foreign crustaceans abusing our weak border security.

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Fishin’ for crawdads in Tokyo: A tale of friendship

Sometimes men have trouble expressing fondness for one another, so they give each other mudbugs.

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Lone crayfish stands in defiance of floods

Various areas across northeast Japan have been struggling to cope with the massive amounts of rainfall that have led to flooding and landslides. The scenes of destruction have dominated the news in the past week leaving many concerned about their fellow citizens, friends, and family in the region.

However, one young woman in the area found a little message of hope from an unlikely ally, a crayfish standing tall in the middle of a flooded road with its claws raised to the sky and refusing to back down.

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Crayfish claw mistakenly eaten whole becomes huge pain in the ass

On 17 April, a man whom the Chinese media is referring to as Zhang headed for the toilet to perform a crucial part of his morning routine. There would be no chance to catch up on the sports section of his paper this day, however.

During his bowel movement the man in his 40s experienced a severe pain in his anus. It wasn’t until the pain grew so intense that he could barely walk that Zhang decided to seek medical help.

And so begins a lesson on chewing your food properly.

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