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Tributes to world-famous Hayao Miyazaki have been pouring in from around the world this past year. They all show a deep appreciation for the great director and are maybe even trying to persuade him to work on another film, but since Miyazaki is currently planning his nature preserve off of Okinawa, we will have to tide ourselves over with more beautiful tributes to him. Today’s is a fantastic 8-bit pixel video that features the characters from all our Ghibli favorites.

Created by filmmaker Pablo Fernandez Eyre, this video combines the amazing characters and scenes from Ghibli movies into a whimsical parade through magical worlds that all ends at Miyazaki’s front door.  All his classic characters have turned up to give him a heartfelt thank you and they gather with an appropriate chiptune version of the “Reprise” from Spirited Away playing in the background.

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You can tell how great Miyazaki’s cast of characters are, as they all seem to belong next to each other regardless of what movie they came from. The Cat Bus is running behind Ashitaka and San, Nausicaa is flying beside Sheeta and Pazu; everyone seems to be getting along swimmingly.

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As the video ends, we all wish we were right there with his characters to thank the wonderful animator and director in person. His work has enriched our lives and we can’t imagine a world without his storytelling abilities. Thanks to Eyre and Miyazaki himself for bringing a little happy tear to our eyes.

Source: Vimeo/whoispablo via Taxi
Images: Vimeo/whoispablo