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Space is scarce In Japan, so it’s becoming more and more common for people to settle down in a condominium tower. Even for those homeowners who can afford a detached house, the price of real estate means that more than a few decide on a three-story design.

So perhaps it’s was inevitable that this shift towards vertical living spaces would eventually apply to pets as well, which is why one company in Japan is selling this multi-level high-rise for cats.

The Neko no Ie 180 (“Cat House 180”) gets its name from the fact that it stands 180 centimeters (71 inches) tall. The individual floor panels have urethane cores, but the rest of the structure is made from Japanese cypress. Left unpainted and making use of dowels instead of exposed metal screws, the Neko no Ie 180’s natural and understated design makes it easy to blend with any sort of decor or color scheme.

While this is technically a cage, manufacturer Catty Man points out that the enclosure’s doors, one on the uppermost section and another on the middle, can be left open to allow your pet to enter or leave as it pleases.

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Each section of the Neko no Ie 180 is designed to serve a specific purpose. The uppermost part, the split-level penthouse, is for lounging and sleeping, and also clawing away at the built-in scratching post.

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The middle section is also a split-level design and is conceived as your cat’s dining room. Included with the Neko no Ie 180 is a tray with pegs to hold a food dish in place, and the side pillars make for a handy place to mount a water bottle.

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And of course such high-class living arrangements come with a private restroom. At the base of the structure you’ll find a roll-out compartment in which to place a litter box.

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Like all homes in Japan, the Neko no Ie 180 isn’t exactly cheap, as it’s priced at 170,640 yen (US$1,390). But if you think it’s time for your cat to have a home of his own, the item can be ordered here through online retailer Rakuten.

Source, images: Rakuten