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Dating is hard. No, let’s back that up. Meeting people is hard. We can even go a little further and say talking to someone for the first time is hard. Some of us lack the courage and confidence to approach someone who we like and start talking to them.

It’s a problem that has plagued humanity for centuries, and even though human civilization has shown, through constant population growth, that people are getting things done, it’s always nice to have a little bit of help. While there are plenty of websites and books that offer you tips on how to present yourself, this handy video is much more suited for our busy modern lives, since in just four minutes it tells you how to pick up all the guys.

YouTube channel JTV is here to help the ladies break the ice with the men of their dreams. All it takes is a little confidence and a good line to get you chatting your way to a first date. Granted the video and these lines aren’t super serious, but there are plenty of guys out there looking for love, and maybe one of them will appreciate your direct approach.

As the video points out, JTV tries out these lines on people they pulled off the street, but they also warn you to NOT try this without professional training and good looks.

▼ NOT the greatest warning label out there…

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There are many cheesy pick up lines tried on a lot of unsuspecting people, but some of the reactions they manage to catch on camera are genuine (at least until the host starts laughing and mugging for the camera, alerting the guy that the jig is up).

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So what kinds of lines did the professionals come up with to pick up all the men?

▼ “Do you have a lighter?”

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▼ “Hey, is there an airport nearby?”

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▼ “Can I have directions?”

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It is important to know that the video takes a few seconds to explain what happens if a guy tries this on a girl. Either he didn’t have enough professional training…or didn’t have good enough looks.

▼ It’s all fun and games until someone gets slapped into next week

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You probably aren’t going to pick up many guys, or girls, with lines like these, but it is kind of funny to see them used on people who don’t seem to have any idea why they are on camera. In all seriousness though, RocketNews24 believes that if you’ve got the guts to try out one of these lines on someone, no matter how you look, that shows some real confidence, or comedic chops, and both of those qualities are real turn ons.

Source, images: YouTube/JTV