If any of you have ever tried your hand at making omurice– a Japanese rice omelette- then you’ll know it can get a bit tricky when trying to plate up. This chef, however, not only makes the process look super quick and easy, but he even turns the process into a mini performance as he shows off his skill!

Omurice is a popular comfort food that Japanese people enjoy for its heartiness and versatility. While flavors, sauces, and fillings can vary, all omurice will consist of some sort of fried rice wrapped inside an omelette.

As simple as it sounds (and the actual cooking part is rather simple) getting the rice rolled up neatly inside the egg takes a bit of trial and error and a quick hand. This chef, as seen in a video from Jrock Radio, has the process perfected to an art.

The chef vigorously whisks the raw egg in the pan with his chopsticks as it cooks. After smoothing out the edges and letting it set for a few seconds, he expertly folds the omelette up on itself before flipping it over in the pan with a flick of his wrist. Then, plate in one hand and fry pan in the other, he gives the omelette a quick toss up into the air, and it falls perfectly onto the bed of rice. Whamo! Omurice done in less than 30 seconds.

▼ Just look at it, flying through the air already in the perfect shape to land atop the rice!


Without skipping a beat, he butters the frying pan and gets to work on the next order, before finishing it off with a couple of peace signs and a cheeky pose.

After a few hundred repetitions of this, I’m sure anyone could become as quick and efficient as this guy, but it’s still pretty impressively delicious to watch. I’m about ready to head on over and give him one more order to practice with!

Source, images: Facebook/Jrock Radio via Stomp