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There’s a pretty big gap between the life of an in-world Pokémon trainer and a real-world Pokémon player. Whereas your in-game avatar is alternatively journeying to new lands or patrolling old stomping grounds on his quest to catch ‘em all, you yourself can experience the games’ wonders without ever leaving your couch.

It looks like all that’s about to change, though, because the newest installment of the franchise, Pokémon GO, is not just a smartphone title for iPhone and Android, but an augmented reality game that requires you to get out and search the real world for Pocket Monsters and other trainers to battle.

Nintendo has been a leader in handheld video game systems for years, and its success in that sector no doubt made the company reluctant to enter the smartphone gaming arena. Nevertheless, back in the spring Nintendo finally made the big announcement that we’d soon be seeing mobile titles for Nintendo IPs, and the company is starting off by pulling out one of its biggest guns, Pokémon.

Earlier today, the Pokémon Company, the corporate entity that handles all things Pokémon-related, released a video giving gamers a taste of what awaits them in Pokémon GO.

Starting off with the bold invitation to “Imagine Pokémon in the real world,” we see a man tap the Poké Ball icon on his smartphone, and once he does, he’s informed that there’s a wild Pokémon in the vicinity and given its direction and distance from his present location.

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From there, it’s off to track the creature down. Along the way, other arrows pop up, showing that there’s more than one Pokémon in the area, and subsequent shots suggest that you’ll be able to hunt in non-urban environments as well.

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Once getting close enough, the trainers spot their quarries,

▼ You knew this guy was going to show up, right?

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At least some of the credit for these gameplay elements goes to Niantic, the San Francisco-based software and augmented reality developer Nintendo has partnered with to produce Pokémon GO. But what hasn’t changed is that, like in all previous titles in the franchise, when you see a worthy addition to your Pokémon stable, it’s time to whip out a Poké Ball and capture him.

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By the way, if you don’t want to be glued to your phone, you can also purchase this sensor (which can be attached to your wrist with a strap), that will light up and vibrate when there are untamed Pocket Monsters in the vicinity.

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But of course, it’s not just wild Pokémon that you’ll come across, but other human trainers as well, who can initiate battles with you.

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And if you’re the type that prefers cooperation to competition? Just wait for one of the timed event boss battles that allow you to team up with other local trainers to battle against a super-powered antagonist, like the imposing Mewtwo.

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Pokémon GO is scheduled for release for Android and iPhone in 2016.

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Images: YouTube/PokemonCoJp