This cat’s moved on from boxes after discovering the pleasures of the electrical appliance.

Dyson has impressed the world with its bladeless fan technology, which uses air flow paths around a circular tube to create cool gusts of air without the need for rotating blades. It turns out the new technology has been a boon for the feline word too, with cats now able to use the pedestal-mounted circular ring as a play toy to jump through, or, if you’re like this cat, as a cool and cosy alternative to the cardboard box.

The photo above was taken by the pet’s owner, @morukohada, who’d laid the fan on the bed when his Norwegian Forest cat, 4-year-old Kohada-kun, cautiously approached the foreign object and, after a good amount of looking and sniffing, carefully placed himself inside. According to the tweet, Kohada-kun happily spent two-and-a-half hours in this position, enjoying the snug fit without the fan being turned on. Finally, when it came time to use the fan, the cat couldn’t be coaxed out from inside the metal cylinder, so its owner turned the appliance on. This is what happened.

That’s right. Absolutely nothing changed! There was no shock and no jumping up in alarm; instead, the dreamy cat continued to be off in a world of its own, only opening its eyes as its human came up close with the camera.

Twitter users were quick to express their love for the cool cat in the fan, leaving comments like:

“This is just too cute!”
“They say cats know the coolest places and it doesn’t get cooler than that!”
“What a versatile appliance – it’s both a fan for humans and a bed for a cat.”
“Wow – that’s a perfect fit for a feline!”
“That’s a great invention – it combines the snugness of a box with a bit of coolness for summer!”

It certainly is a step up from what Kohada-kun is used to. Previously, he’d been finding comfort in Amazon boxes…

▼ Laundry buckets…

▼ And styrofoam boxes.

Now that the long-haired cat has discovered the wonders of the electrical appliance, it’s going to be hard to revert back to those ordinary boxes. Hopefully Dyson will one day apply their technology to the pet market so all animals can enjoy the luxury of a cooling fan bed in the future!

Source: Iroiro
Top Image: Twitter/@morukohada