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We never stop talking about the different ways that people pay tribute to Studio Ghibli. Artists and designers create some amazing work that stems from the themes and ideas that the famous Japanese animation studio put on the silver screen.

One photographer from Thailand was struck with Ghibli-fluence after watching The Secret World of Arrietty and wondered, “What would life be like from the perspective of miniature people?” Take a look after the jump to see the secret world of tiny people not named Arrietty.

Poy, the Thai designer and photographer, tries to construct his photos around surrealistic ideas he dreams up. In this particular series of photos, you can definitely see his playful nature engaging with The Secret World of Arrietty. His miniature figures interact with a number of different tools, objects, and foods to demonstrate what really small people could be doing if they lived in our world. Each of his pictures offers us a fantastic view of everyday life from an entirely new perspective.

▼ Hot peppers infused with gas make excellent hot air pepper balloons. Hopefully the fiery spices from the peppers don’t set off any explosions!

▼ Someone’s got to do it!

▼ We were wondering why our pills didn’t seem to have any affect.

▼ All together now, on three! One…two…

▼ Couldn’t you have drilled in a straighter line?

▼ Ah, that’s how they do it!

▼ “This is Professor X…I need Wolverine!”

▼ Stop playing and get to work, you two!

▼ Nice day for fishing, eh Joe?

▼ We’re makin’em hot!

▼ This is definitely how coins are cut.

▼ The perfect way to get ready for movie night.

After looking at all of the wonderful pictures, a tiny part of us believes that just maybe the Borrowers do exist and they are the reason that our stuff goes missing all the time. Be sure to check out more of Poy’s work on his Facebook page and let us know if you ever find evidence of the existence of tiny people!

Source: BoredPanda
Top Image: Facebook/peeowhyhymoaad