Studio Ghibli anime art appears in new ad campaign: What if our mugs were used in Ghibli films?

Japanese company tests the bounds of “common sense” by using Ghibli art to advertise their wares. 

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Studio Ghibli images go viral for perfectly depicting the life of a housewife

Hilarious captions with viral hashtag help everyone “Learn about housewife work through Ghibli”.

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Studio Ghibli releases 400 images from eight movies free to download online

Surprise gesture of goodwill comes with an amusing caveat from producer Toshio Suzuki. 

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Studio Ghibli releases free wallpapers to download and use as backgrounds for video calls

Wow your friends and colleagues by looking as if you’re inside the world of Ghibli.  

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Talented Thai artist provides peek inside the secret world of miniature people【Photos】

We never stop talking about the different ways that people pay tribute to Studio Ghibli. Artists and designers create some amazing work that stems from the themes and ideas that the famous Japanese animation studio put on the silver screen.

One photographer from Thailand was struck with Ghibli-fluence after watching The Secret World of Arrietty and wondered, “What would life be like from the perspective of miniature people?” Take a look after the jump to see the secret world of tiny people not named Arrietty.

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