ID-10067493Student: “It’s not bothering anyone, so what’s the problem?!” Professor: “Well, if you’re going to make me say it… the problem is with your head.”

When we’re young, we often look up to our teachers in awe; they seem to know everything about everything! But as we get older and the age gap between student and teacher wanes, and we begin thinking for ourselves and questioning things around us, that dynamic changes dramatically, often resulting in the sharing of profound wisdom, a battle of wits, or just plain silliness. Here we take a look at some of the best conversations from class that Japanese students shared on their Twitter accounts.

10. Special exceptions

At our class end-of-year party
Me: “Why did you let me join the class when it was over capacity and I had such terrible grades?”
Professor: “Because your name was the same as my ex-boyfriend’s.”

9. Time to grow up

Professor: “Babies are able to distinguish between 2D and 3D at just five to six months old.”
Me: “Oh man, I’m still not able to!”

8. She has a point…

Professor: “Talking to oneself is when your inner dialogue accidentally comes out in speech. The written version of this phenomenon we would call Twitter.” Class: “Ah… That’s right…”

7. A harsh reality check

In psychology class: “Psychologically, of the men in her life, the one a woman is likely to fall for is the one who does the most things that make her happy.” The class “ooh”ed in admiration, when the professor continued, “But in the case of a good-looking guy, just being near her makes her happy so he is scores points automatically.” Then the class “aah”ed in realization.

6. …

Professor: “Someone in the class swallowed the shigella bacteria during the experiment, did they?”
Class: “Hahahah!”
Professor: “It was me.”
Class: “…”

5. Well, that escalated quickly

During a class experiment, everyone was wearing their name badges when I asked the professor, “Why do we have to wear name tags all the way up through university?” The professor replied, “So that if you get sulphuric acid or something on your face and we can’t tell who you are, we can still identify you…”

4. Ask, and ye shall receive

“Professor, can’t you extend the deadline for my graduation thesis?” “Oh, well how about one more year?”

3. Jeepers creepers

My professor confiscated my iPhone after he caught me checking Twitter during class. I just now got it back but when he gave it back he said, “If I catch you playing on your phone again in class I’m going to follow you on Twitter.” I’ve made up my mind I won’t play with my phone in class ever again.

2. If only I had 2,000 dollars to spend…

Student: “What should I do to get to know my partner better?” Professor: “The 2k method.” Student: “Huh?” Professor: “If you have 2k you can buy pretty much anything people enjoy as hobbies, like a bike, motorcycle, computer, musical instrument, custom-made suit, camera, etc. The real question is how you can understand their hobby and the profundity of it.”

1. An unexpected turn of events

Highlight of the day: In class, when the professor tried to kick out a girl who was playing on her cell phone, she got angry at him and shouted, “It’s not bothering anyone is it? So what’s the problem?!” The professor replied, “Hmm, well, if you’re going to make me say it… the problem is with your head.”

Having a quick-witted professor who’s not afraid to say what’s on his or her mind, who’s got an answer for everything, and who isn’t afraid of having a little fun makes showing up to class much less of a chore. Be sure to share with us any memorable moments you have from your teachers, past or present!

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