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Japan, like most of the world, loves boobs. Sure there are disagreements over whether or not anime breasts are too big, or real-life breasts are too small, and sometimes the whole boob-obsession can borderline on creepy, but at least for the most part it’s usually pretty easy to tell what is and isn’t supposed to be a breast.

Except now. To celebrate the latest release in the Senran Kagura cute girl-ninja fighting game series, ramen shops all over Tokyo are serving special, limited-time only bowls of “boob ramen.” While that may sound awesome and hilarious at first, unfortunately the reality is quite different. Just take a look at what they’re offering.

Just to get an idea of what the Senran Kagura game is like, here’s a screenshot from the PSVita version:

▼ Hmm… it seems like they’re trying to emphasize a certain part of the characters.

And here’s a figure based off one of the characters in the game:

▼ Ah ha! They’re trying to show off the characters’ giant swords. I knew it.

So you can imagine that when the special Senran Kagura-based “boob ramen” was announced, there were some pretty, well, big expectations of what it would look like. Here’s the advertisement images so you can see the dishes look for yourself:

▼ Um, well I guess the eggs kind of look like boobs? That cilantro sticking up between them is a little, uh, distracting though. Let’s try another.


▼ Oh. Are you sure these weren’t based on male ninjas?


▼ I mean, guess that meat looks a little bra-ish?


▼ Hey! Those blobs of milk-soup gelatin actually look like ninja boobs. I guess this one was too successful, so they had to go stick a nice phallic freezepop in between them.


▼ And last but not least… wait a minute. This one just looks like regular ramen! There’s no boobs here, unless you count the strawberry/cream in the middle. Lame.


Here’s a compilation of all the different “boob ramen” together. Apparently if you order one of the special menu items, you get an entry into the “boob lottery,” where you can win Senran Kagura goods. That is, if you’re still a fan of the game after eating a bowlful of disappointment.


While we do have to admire how nicely crafted all the “boob ramens” are, we can’t help but be let down by the fact that they don’t really deliver “the goods.” Sure they might taste good, but if all you want is a bowl of delicious ramen, you can get that anywhere in Tokyo.

When you want a bowl of “boob ramen” based on your favorite large-breasted girl-ninja video game, then you want an absolutely ridiculous bowl filled to the brim with hilarious boob-like ingredients. The eggs and milk-soup gelatin blobs are on the right track, but they just don’t go quite far enough.

What do you think? If you’re a fan of the series, do these live up to your expectations? Are we simply seeing things that aren’t there? Let us know in the comments!

Source: NetLab via Marvelous Inc.
Images: Marvelous Inc.