Sailor Moon and fashion shop Honey Salon are collaborating to release a string of new products in time for the holidays to be sold at Honey Salon locations in Japan.

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November alone will see the release of over five new fashion accessories.


One such item is the idol pouch. Ranging from pink to navy to lavender and multicolored, these pouches come in small and large sizes and feature Sailor Moon-inspired prints with characters and a moon motif. The small size goes for 2,200 yen (about US$17) and the large for 2,900 yen (about US$23).


The second item is a special compact mirror with the same colors and motifs as the pouch. The mirror goes for 2,200 yen (about US$17).


These tissue cases cost 2,500 yen (US$20.31).


These special themed tote bags come with stylish straps and a moon print. Each different colored strap represents the main five Sailor Guardians. One bag goes for 9,500 yen (US$77.19)


One unique product is the special “letter ring.” These stylized rings have their metal crafted into a script writing of the main five Guardians and feature a special studded gem in color coordinating with its corresponding Guardian. With nine different sizes, these rings go for 4000 yen each (about US$32).



December will see the release of the Planetary Watch and Planetary Ring. The watch features a gold finish and special star shaped accessories, with the strap made up of jewel-like plastic trinkets. The ring’s metal is stylized into the planet marks specific to the Sailor Guardians. The watch will cost 11,000 yen (US$89.35) and the ring 6,500 yen (US$52.80).

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