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Our Japanese-language reporter Meg sets out to defend the honor of her favorite ice cream flavor by eating a breat mint sundae, and also makes her English RocketNews24 video debut.

In Japan, mint-flavored ice cream is sort of a divisive topic. While it’s relatively easy to find at supermarkets and convenience stores, there’s a fraction of the population that absolutely can’t stand the stuff, claiming that mint ice cream tastes just like toothpaste.

Our Japanese-language reporter Meg Sawai (who’s not to be confused with our English-language reporter Meg Murphy) is firmly in the “love it” group when it comes to mint ice cream, and has grown tired of her mint-hating acquaintances snidely commenting that she may as well just put a squeeze of toothpaste on her frozen treat. “Where do they got off saying that?” she angrily demanded. “And how would they know? It’s not like any of them have ever eaten ice cream with toothpaste!”

▼ You tell ‘em, Meg!

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But when she stopped and thought about it, Meg realized that she hadn’t ever tried the two together, either. Able to neither confirm nor deny the validity of the “mint ice cream tastes like toothpaste” claim, and also sensing a chance to get paid for eating ice cream (which ranks up there with getting paid to drink beer on our dream job list), we sprang into action. After a quick trip to the convenience store across the street, we were back in the RocketNews24 offices with a tub of vanilla ice cream and a pack of breath freshening capsules.

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So why not regular toothpaste? Well, first, Meg was a little concerned about using something with germ-killing properties as a condiment. Second, look how pretty those Breath Care capsules look when they’re substituting for sprinkles!

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You’re actually supposed to swallow the capsules whole to make your breath smell nice, but Meg knew from experience that if you bite into them, you get a strong, minty, mouthwash-like flavor.

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With the preparations underway, it was time for Meg to taste-test her unusual sundae, and the results can be seen starting at the video’s 0:50 mark.

▼ Here goes!

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In case you can’t watch the video right now, Meg also gave her written impressions of the flavor, which were:

▼ “Mongeeeeeeeeee!!”

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▼ “Ngaaaaaa!!!!”

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▼ “What is thiiiiiis?!”

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So, in other words, she wasn’t a fan. Once she regained her composure, she dubbed the taste “dimension-warping,” and the ridiculously powerful mint sensation seemed to have had a similar rending effect on her taste buds.

But Meg is a trooper, and just to make sure this wasn’t some weird fluke that only happens when you combine breath fresheners with vanilla, we decided to make up for how the first round went and next tried using a tub of Meg’s favorite, mint chocolate chip

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which yielded results on the same order of disastrousness.

So now you can tell any mint detractors you encounter that not only does mint ice cream not taste like toothpaste or mouthwash, but freeze-dried shrimp might not be the foulest thing you can put on ice cream, either.

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