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Cross-dressing boys are becoming more and more popular with otaku these days, and games are starting to get in on the act now, too. Transform a cute sporty boy into your very own otoko no ko in this new (and free) mobile raising simulation game.

A sequel has been announced for the raising simulation game Otoko no Ko ni Naare! where your aim is to change an innocent young boy into a blushing, cross-dressing otoko no ko.

Otoko no ko characters are popular among Japanese otaku, both male and female, at the moment. While the real-life usage of the term may be more complex, when it comes to anime and manga it refers to a genre focused on cute cross-dressing boys, and often contains a sexual element.


The game starts with you meeting a pink sprite who tells you that the sprites’ dream is to turn all the world’s bishonen (beautiful boys) into otoko no ko! The sprite then encourages you to go out and find unsuspecting boys to transform. The targets of this new game are cute sporty boys you spot at school, while the original saw you stalking boys around the town. It all sounds a lot like harassment, but thankfully it’s just a game!

The original game, as well as the sequel, follow the standard format of all Japanese mobile raising simulation games in essentially being a clicker game. Click on a boy on the map and you’ll be taken to a screen where sprites are swarming around them. Clicking on the sprites fills a gauge with transformation points, and once the bar is full your boy will transform into an otoko no ko. As this is a mobile game, you can’t do it all in one sitting, but will have to wait for the sprites to regenerate.


You get an illustration when you first meet the boy and you’ll unlock a pretty illustration when they transform, too. You’re encouraged to try to transform every character, made more difficult by the fact that some of the boys only appear at certain times on the map and other rare characters will only unlock after a certain point. Also, different boys require different amounts to fill their gauges, making some of them harder to ‘evolve’ than others.


In total there will be 10 boys to transform, including ones that only unlock after fulfilling certain conditions, so it’ll take you a decent amount of time to reach 100% completion. It’s the kind of non-intensive game that you can hop in and out of whenever you have a few spare minute and not worry about it the rest of the time.

You can download the original on Android and iOS now. The sequel is set to be released for both systems towards the end of November.

Source & images: NetLab