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After learning about the famous Sailor Suit Old Man, the first thing any normal person would want to do is find him so they can hang out and be kawaii together. That used to mean buying a plane ticket to Japan and getting strange looks from people when you asked where “the old guy dressed in a schoolgirl outfit” was. But now, thanks to a newly released free mobile game, you can have fun with him from the comfort of your own smartphone.

“Sailor Suit Old Man – Lucky Flicking Game” stars Hideaki Kobayashi, the Sailor Suit Old Man himself. The goal of the game is quite simple: random characters will come at you down a street and you have to flick them to the left or right based on what they’re wearing. If they’re a beautiful person wearing a sailor uniform, show them to the left; if they’re a dirty imposter wearing anything else, varying from Japanese high school boy uniforms to Santa suits, toss them to the right.

▼ We’re pretty sure what happens after you flick them is they all go to the police yelling “chikan!”


The concept may sound easy, and to be fair it mostly is, but you really do have to be quick. You only have a second or two to flick someone left or right before you run out of time, and if you send them into the wrong category, then it’s game over.

▼ Plus the game uses heavy psychological warfare to paralyze your fingers into inaction.


To add to the replay value, there’s three different modes to play: Normal, where you race against the clock to see how fast you can separate twenty characters without messing up; Mach Speed, which is the same as Normal but much faster – you have less than a second to separate each character; and Unlimited, where they’ll keep coming at you, getting faster and faster, until you mess up. The game keeps track of all your high scores, giving you some sweet bragging rights with all your friends.

▼ My best score when I played: 47. Woah, ladies, one at a time please.

top score

Adding to the nice little features, there’s also a gallery where you can view the characters you’ve met in the game. There’s twelve in total, though after playing for about ten minutes I only managed to get ten of them. Apparently if you’re hardcore and play for long enough, the super rare “Golden Sailor Suit Old Man” will appear, but as the game’s advertisement kindly points out, there’s only a 0.01% chance of that happening.

▼ I just hope he’s less scary than Golden Freddy.


Despite the silly nature of the game, it is actually quite nicely made. The bright colors, cheery faces, and gameplay that’s just challenging enough will put a smile on your face and bring you back for more every now and then. If I had to give one complaint, it would be the lack of background music throughout the title screen and game itself. It would’ve been a great opportunity to bestow the Sailor Suit Old Man with a fitting theme song, and the deathly quiet often clashes with the abundance of loud sound effects.

But hey, it’s a free game! If you’re a fan of the Sailor Suit Old Man, or just need something to kill a few minutes while you wait for your own sailor suits to finish laundering, then give it a try. Maybe if enough people download it, we can get a sequel with the Old Man’s partner in crime, Ladybeard.

Download the game here: for iOS or Android

Source: NetLab
Images: iTunes, Screenshot (Sailor Suit Old Man – Lucky Flicking Game)