muscular, all-male Sailor Moon senshi group has just released a live-action music video in honour of the hit anime from Japan.

The song featured in the video is Sailor Moon e il Cristallo Del Cuore, meaning Sailor Moon and the Crystal Heart, which is the Italian version of the opening theme song for the Sailor Moon S animated TV series. It captures everything that’s great about the show, including transformations, snippets from the anime and a passionate liaison with Tuxedo Mask. Take a look at how the boys do it below.

Did you notice the brief mash-up with Madonna’s 80s track La Isla Bonita in the middle of the clip? The nod to the queen of pop shows the Sailor Moon Italian stallions are influenced by women outside of the anime world too.


The video has made news in Japan, with Sailor Moon fans particularly loving the group’s attention to detail in their costumes, which include sailor-style collars on their vests and handmade tiaras with illuminated ‘gems’.


And the transformations! The colours, planetary symbols and poses for each of the inner senshi are recreated beautifully.

▼ Sailor Jupiter


▼ Sailor Mercury


▼ Sailor Venus


▼ Mars Power Make Up!


▼ The star of the show is singer Paolo Tuci as Sailor Moon.


Tuci is such a big fan of the Sailor Moon franchise, he’s even released a CD dedicated to the animated warriors.


To find out more about the singer and his anime obsessions, be sure to check out his Facebook page, where he continues to show fans around the world what it’s like to awaken to your true destiny!

Source: ITmedia
Screenshots: YouTube/Paolo Tuci