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The recent release of fine porcelain Sailor Moon cups and saucers has anime fans ready to add a touch of elegance to their table. Of course, what’s tea time without some equally posh snacks, right? So if you’re looking to keep your refreshments in the same anime family, why not pair your pour of Darjeeling or Lady Grey with some Sailor Moon macarons?

The five-piece set is also the initial release for anime merchandiser Bandai’s newly formed Sucre Caractere line of character-based sweets, within which the Sailor Moon franchise gets its own sub-brand called Sweet Moon.

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The set’s five different macarons give you five different flavors to enjoy, although oddly enough they aren’t themed after the five Inner Sailor Senshi that make up the core cast. They’re still plenty cute, though, and sure to please any fan of French confectionaries and Japanese animation.

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The citron-flavored macaron adorned with the image of mentor cat Luna is made with Belgian white chocolate. Being the lunar star of the show, Sailor Moon and her accouterments are featured in three of the macarons, decorated with the Crystal Star Compact (peach), Sailor Moon costume (vanilla), and Sailor Moon silhouette (a blend of Sicilian and French pistachio). Rounding out the collection is the Tuxedo Mask macaron and its Ghanaian caramel chocolate.

The Princess Time Macarons, as the set is officially called, are available for 2,160 yen (US$18) here through the Premium Bandai website, wit shipment scheduled for December.

Source, images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)