Get ready to double your cuteness level! Japanese company Clearstone has partnered up with Sanrio for two new cute-as-a-button sailor-style school uniforms in their “Neo Graphic Sailor Uniform x Little Twin Stars” dreamy collaboration!

Japanese company Clearstone typically sells party goods and costumes, but this time they’re teaming up with Sanrio to offer a unique take on the classic sailor uniform found in so many Japanese schools. Previous items in the “Neo Graphic Sailor Uniforms” line included some eye-popping jellyfish and galaxy prints, which, while unwearable at a real school, certainly caught the eye of many fashionistas looking for a playful version of a beloved design.

This latest uniform in the line-up is being offered in two complimentary versions: One uses soft pastel pinks and the other uses soft pastel purples as their base color schemes. The fabric on the collar, ribbon, and skirt sections of the uniforms is specially adorned with angelic prints of younger brother Kiki and older sister Lala, together known as “Little Twin Stars,” frolicking with unicorns in their own dream-like world of fantasy.

One of our female Japanese reporters was excited to hear about the new outfits paying homage to two of her favorite childhood characters (Little Twin Stars were originally introduced in 1975), but she quickly admitted that she doesn’t have the confidence to actually wear one of the uniforms while out and about in public. They could be a fun fashion statement for girls in their teens (especially if you and a friend wear both matching versions together!), but for some of the slightly more “sophisticated” ladies out there, we suppose you could wear them at fun and intimate gatherings with your closest gal pals.

▼ Here’s the pink version…


▼…and here’s the purple version.


Both versions of the Neo Graphic Sailor Uniform x Little Twin Stars collaboration include a blouse, skirt, and ribbon for 9,990 yen (US$81.46) each. Purchasing information for both online orders and physical store locations offering the pieces throughout Japan can be found on Clearstone’s website (Japanese only).

Sources: Clearstone Co., Ltd. via @press
Images: Clearstone Co., Ltd.
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