Preorders now open for Samurai Teddy Bears made by classic German toy maker Steiff

Super snazzy samurai armor-wearing teddy bears will be ready for your next Children’s Day display!

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This limited-edition Pikachu doll from Steiff will zap you with its sheer cuteness!

Still traumatized by Teddytaur, the teddy bear centaur from Steiff? They’re making up for it with something far more huggable — a stuffed Pikachu!

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What the…?!? Stuffed “Teddytaur” toy baffles and fascinates us at the same time

We’ve discovered a seriously bizarre-looking offering from high-end German stuffed toy maker Steiff. But what exactly is it? Apparently, it’s a Teddytaur!

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This new Totoro plush is super pricey, rarer than an encounter with the big guy himself

As fictional (sorry, I mean completely real and definitely not made up) creatures come, furry forest spirits like Studio Ghibli’s Totoro are pretty rare to begin with. Heck, even the theme song to My Neighbor Totoro tells us that we can only see them when we’re “very young”, so it’s not like we’re tripping over the things in the street.

But if you’re the kind of person who simply must have every piece of high quality Ghibli merch, the rarer the better, then this limited edition plush is definitely one you’ll want to look out for.

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Godzilla turns fuzzy for his 60th birthday with adorable results, we stop by to say hi

Now, we’re pretty sure that the mighty and terrible Godzilla hardly needs an introduction — he’s probably one of the most famous creations to come out of Japan. And the new Hollywood movie featuring a larger than ever before seen version of the monster, which was released late last month in Japan, seems to have gotten off to a good start here, having secured the number-one spot in the box office in its opening week.

It also happens that 2014 is quite a special year for Godzilla, as it marks the 60th anniversary since his very first movie came out from Toho in 1954. And now, to commemorate the  celebrity monster’s 60th birthday, Toho has collaborated with renowned German stuffed toy maker Steiff to create a version of Godzilla quite unlike anything we’ve seen before — Yes, it’s the special edition 60th anniversary stuffed Steiff Godzilla, and what’s more, we got to take a look at the actual doll in advance of its sale!

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